Office of Student Services

Student Services
  • Along with learning, student and staff safety is a priority in ACPS. The Office of Student Services provides consultation and support to school administration including principals and all staff to help ensure ACPS schools are safe, equitable learning environments for all students. This office addresses issues related to discipline when violations of the ACPS Student Code of Conduct occur. This office also works with students who are placed in alternative settings to include Chance for Change (CFC) and the Bryant Transition Support Resource Center (TRSC).

    Additionally, the Office of Student Services staff works to:

    • Support students and families experiencing homelessness
    • Provide information on the process and receive applications for families who opt to home school their child(ren)
    • Understand and remove barriers that hinder students from attending school to prevent truancy
    • Provide information, conduct assessments, offer counseling services, and make referrals to community supports for substance abuse
    • Verify residency in support of the registration and enrollment process of students and families new to ACPS



    Marcia E. Jackson, Ed.D.
    Executive Director of Student Services
    1340 Braddock Place, 5th Floor
    Alexandria, VA 22314