Noche de Ciencias / Night of Science 2021

Noche de Ciencias - Join us February 23 and February 25 at 5:30pm for a virtual STEM event with real-life scientists.
  • This year, Noche de Ciencias virtually connected families across the city to experts who brought science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to life through engaging chats, design challenges, follow-along experiments, and fun giveaways. Imagine a future in STEM for yourself. Please check back soon for video postings of each session that you can watch at your convenience!


  • Tuesday-February23


    Welcome to CodeSpark Academy & The Basics of Coding

    Session Type: Design Studio
    Presented by: Code Spark
    Materials Needed: None

    There's More to Video Game Characters Than Meets the Eye
    Session Type: Design Studio
    Presented by: 7 Generation Games
    Materials Needed: Something to write with or on

    Gumdrop Toothpick Bridges
    Session Type: Follow-along experiment
    Presented by: National Security Agency
    Materials Needed: Small bag of gumdrop-like candy and a regular box of toothpicks
    Optional Materials: Popsicle sticks, little action figures

    Meet the National Science Foundation
    Session Type: Follow-along experiment
    Presented by: National Science Foundation
    Materials Needed for liquefaction demo: sand, water, stirring spoon, large spoon or mallet, ping pong ball, metal or plastic basin, brick
    Materials Needed for polar explorer demo: warm pants, waterproof pants, thick socks, big boots, sweatshirt, big jacket, neck gaiter/scarf, winter hat, sunglasses/ski goggles, gloves/mittens

    STEM in Higher Education - Parent Workshop
    Session Type: Chat
    Presented by: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers - U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Chapter
    Materials Needed: None


  • Thursday-February25


    Get To Know the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    Session Type: Chat &  Follow Along Experiment
    Presented by: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    Materials Needed for chromatography activity: Paper towel or coffee filter, color markers, scissors, a small amount of water, small jar or drinking glass, popsicle stick (or something long and narrow like a pencil), tape


    Earthquake Engineering
    Session Type: Follow Along Experiment
    Presented by: Howard University Ambassadors of Engineering
    Materials Needed: Mini marshmallows, Jell-O, toothpicks, a bowl,


    Exploring Careers In STEM – How We Got Started!
    Session Type: Chat
    Presented by: Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation
    Materials Needed: None


    NIST and the Standard of Time
    Session Type: Follow Along Experiment
    Presented By: National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Materials Needed: Balloons
    Optional Materials: Smartphone camera


    Quarantine Crafts with Titan Robotics
    Session Type: Follow Along Experiment
    Presented by: Titan Robotics
    Materials Needed: Two paper towel rolls, one bendy straw or pencil, empty thread/ribbon spool, some string, a piece of cardboard, a muffin cup or small cup, tape, scissor, index card, or any piece of paper