Timeline for Reopening for In-School Learning on March 2021

  • Is the reopening for all students or only those whose families chose hybrid?

    Only students whose families chose the hybrid model on the Family Choice Form will be returning to school buildings, for two days per week.  


    When does my child return to school in the hybrid model? 

    See the complete phased reentry timeline.


    Why do the high school and middle school students (as shown in the reentry timeline) have to wait instead of starting on March 2? 

    We started by prioritizing students who need in-person learning the most, including students with disabilities, preschoolers through fifth grade, and English language learners. We know that there has been a profound impact on these students and especially our younger learners. Officials nationwide have encouraged school systems to focus first on bringing back their youngest students. Our commitment is to ensure a smooth transition for each group of students while successfully reopening schools.


    Why was the date for reopening pushed back? Didn’t we meet all the metrics we have been talking about for the last six weeks?

    The reopening was delayed to March 2, 2021, to monitor the health metrics within the community and afford the additional time needed to implement the plan smoothly, including finalizing bus routes, student schedules, simulation protocols, and confirming staff availability to return.

    At the beginning of January, the two core CDC K-12 School Metrics for Alexandria were steadily in the highest risk category. While the core indicator of the total number of cases per 100,000 within the last 14 days remains in the highest risk category, it has decreased significantly over the past several weeks. The second core indicator of the percent of RT-PCR tests that are positive during the last 14 days has also decreased significantly and is now in the moderate risk category.