Classrooms and Hybrid Model

  • How do I change my preference for hybrid or 100% virtual learning?

    All planning has been based on the December 2020 Family Choice Form data. It will be difficult for us to make changes due to planning for capacity constraints, teacher numbers and PPE provisions. The only change option is families who initially chose the hybrid model but now want their student(s) to remain in a virtual learning environment. Please contact your school directly for that particular request. Requests to change from virtual to hybrid learning will not be allowed at this time.

    For those families who did not fill out the form in December, their student(s) response automatically defaulted to virtual learning.


    Will my child stay with their current teacher(s)?
    The concurrent teaching model allows the majority of our students to remain with their current teacher. This is for students who will be 100% virtual and for students who go to school in-person two days a week. 


    What is ‘concurrent teaching’?

    Concurrent teaching allows for simultaneous instruction to students in the classroom and for those who remain virtual.   


    Does school start and end at the same time?

    Yes. School will start and end at the same time. Bus transportation schedules may have students transported at different times. This means the times for drop off at school as well as the pick up from school may vary, but school will start and end as scheduled. The Office of Pupil Transportation and Fleet Management will provide each school with the bus route rosters and bus stop times for each student before reentry dates.   


    What will my student’s schedule look like? What days will they go to school?

    Students who are on the hybrid model will go to school two days a week: either Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday/Friday. Monday will remain an asynchronous day for all students. Each school will be sending out individual student schedules one week in advance of each student group returning


    Can I walk my child to the door?

    Yes, as long as the parent/guardian wears a mask and maintains social distancing from others. Please verify with your Principal the specific drop-off instructions for your school, to include the entrance you should use when walking your child to the door.


    Can I come to the school to volunteer or visit to check on my child?

    Until further notice, schools are not allowing outside volunteers to enter buildings to work with students per School Board Policy KK (PDF), as well as the ACPS School Health and Related Guidelines. We understand this may be challenging for some, but it is in the best interest of our students and staff by minimizing contacts during the pandemic. ACPS will continue to evaluate this as the situation evolves.


    What does my child need to bring to school? 

    • All students must bring and wear a mask. If a student forgets or loses their mask, one will be provided. 
    • Can my child bring school supplies from home? Do the supplies have to stay in school?
      • Students should bring their learning packets, tablets, Chromebooks, chargers and headphones to school each day.
    • Can students bring a water bottle from home, or should they use the water fountains at school?
      • Students should bring their own water bottle as water fountains will not be in use for the time being
    • Answers to questions about bringing food to school can be found below under Nutrition.


    For students that are joining virtually, will cameras be mandatory? 

    We continue to strongly encourage the use of cameras for all students. Individual circumstances can be discussed on a case by case basis with a teacher or school. 

    Will students, both in-person or virtual, be in front of computer screens all day?

    Students who remain at home will follow the current Virtual PLUS+ schedule. Students attending school in person in the hybrid model will use screen time as determined by the teacher’s instructional schedule.   


    Are additional academic and social-emotional intervention service providers, such as the student support teams, English learner teachers, reading specialists, etc., providing virtual-only services even if students are in school?

    Staff such as EL, Specialized Instruction teachers, student support team (SST) members will also be returning to schools, unless they have been designated for virtual work due to documented health or child care concerns.  

    These staff members may continue to provide some of their services virtually, but may also engage with students in-person. This could look like meetings with small groups of students who are distanced six-or-more feet apart. Instructional and social-emotional support staff may also meet with individual students to provide interventions. Any of these interventions will follow social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines.

    One exception will be staff who provide occupational or physical therapy or speech-language services since these providers work in multiple schools. Their services remain virtual at the current time.  


    Will my elementary child have recess?

    Each school principal will evaluate the feasibility of running recess based upon class scheduling, available staff and health protocols. When recess occurs, students will have physical activity during outdoor recess time. Due to health protocols, all playground equipment will remain off limits until further notice.