Classroom Monitors

  • Will my student have a classroom monitor instead of a teacher and how is that being determined?  

    It depends on the teacher’s availability to be in school. We are in the process of finalizing exactly which classrooms will need monitors based on a teacher’s ability to return. A monitor will be in each classroom where the teacher will remain teaching virtually. 


    What is the role of a classroom monitor?

    Classroom monitors are not teachers nor substitute teachers. A monitor’s role is limited to providing in-person classroom assistance for students when a staff member remains virtual. The monitor ensures the student remains attentive on the laptop to the on-line teacher. The monitor provides some help to students under the direction of the online classroom teacher. 


    What is the role of a classroom monitor with Special Needs students?

    Only trained staff, hired from specialty agencies, and specially-trained monitors will provide classroom support to our special needs students. The ACPS Office of Specialized Instruction plans to outsource and hire board-certified instructors should the actual special education teachers and instructional assistants not be available. The Office of Specialized Instruction will also provide two days of specialized training for classroom monitors in classrooms with special needs students. ACPS will follow a specially designed curriculum to prepare them for the classroom responsibilities. Any classroom monitor in a special needs classroom will be under guidance from the classroom's trained professional. 


    Will classroom monitors be background checked before they work in our schools?

    Yes. Every monitor will have to pass a Background Check. We are filling these positions with a contracted staffing agency who is responsible to ensure all monitors are properly vetted. Those persons hired as monitors will be employed by Temporary Solutions Inc. which is based in Manassas, Virginia.  


    How temporary is the plan to use classroom monitors? Will classroom monitors be used in September 2021?

    Classroom monitors are in classrooms to support the virtual-teacher. We cannot project how long this support may be needed given the impacts of the pandemic. We hope conditions improve so that 100% of teachers are back in the classroom by August 2021. Students start school on August 24, 2021, which is our first pre-Labor Day start.