• Parent Guide

    How to Access ACHS School Counseling College Planning Resources

    1. Log into "PowerSchool Parent Access"
    2. If you have more than one ACPS student, top left, click on the appropriate student
    3. Then (top left) click “Link to Canvas” - this takes you to your student's Canvas dashboard. There are two ways for parents to access the college planning resources:
      • Option 1: Click your student’s Counselor’s/School Counseling page, then (upper left) click on School Counseling & College & Career Center Resources; you will land at the School Counseling Resource Center
      • Option 2: Click on the Student Resources page, then click on School Counseling, you will land at the School Counseling Resource Center
    4. Review the “Resources”, with special attention to:
      • Naviance How-To Videos: Naviance helps students (as early as middle school) research and plan for college, careers, and life readiness AND helps seniors manage the college application process.
        • Naviance is only accessible via an ACPS student account.
        • Naviance is the link between students/their college application(s), their school counselor, and all the colleges to which they are applying!
        • Parents & students should watch the “Naviance Student Tour & Overview” to learn how to navigate Naviance & review key features.
      • College Application Tools: Checklists, guides, and important links (especially the link "Information Specifically For Titan Seniors")

    Students can also access these resources from their student account:

    • Students access all platforms (PowerSchool, Canvas, Naviance) via Clever
    • Go to their Canvas dashboard, then “School Counseling Resources” OR
    • Go to their Canvas dashboard, then “Student Resources”, then “School Counseling”

    Other ACHS College Planning & Financial Aid Resources: