Equity Policy Audit School Board Committee

  • Based on the School Board’s approved fiscal year 2021 budget and its identification as a 2020-2021 school year focus area, Superintendent Hutchings directed the Department of Student Services and Equity, in collaboration with the Office of the School Board, to embark on an innovative equity audit of all School Board policies beginning in the fall of 2020.

    Equity Policy Audit Purpose

    Review School Board policies to:
    ● Ensure each policy aligns with, guides, and supports educational equity and the Strategic Plan;
    ● Specifically identify root causes of disparities;
    ● Focus on the most marginalized populations to ensure equity for all;
    ● Uncover and revise policies that thwart the success of historically marginalized groups; and
    ● Dismantle current systems that are barriers to student success.

    On October 7, 2021, the School Board created the Equity Policy Audit School Board Committee and appointed three Board Members to serve for its first, three-month rotation.

    The committee will perform an in-depth policy review at its monthly meetings. The committee will work alongside the ACPS/IDRA equity policy audit team to incorporate its recommendations with staff input, public comment, and feedback from community focus groups. Recommendations will then be presented to the full School Board at subsequent Board Meetings for review and approval.

    The School Board Chair will periodically recommend three Board Members for appointment to serve on the committee’s next, three-month rotation.

2021-2022 Equity Policy Audit School Board Committee Meetings

Equity Policy Audit School Board Committee Members

  • October 2021-December 2021

    • Jacinta Greene
    • Christopher Suarez
    • Heather Thornton

    Staff Support:

    Chief of Student Services and Equity

    Executive Director of Equity and Alternative Programs

    Director of Policy and Board Initiatives

    Cultural Competency Coordinator

    ACPS Equity Resident

    Consultant Support:

    Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA)

    IDRA is a federally-funded equity assistance center (EAC) to protect students’ civil rights in schools. IDRA EAC-South works with state and local education agencies to create asset-based solutions that result in equitable educational opportunities.