School Law Enforcement Partnership (SLEP) Advisory Group

  • Overview

    We are proposing the creation of a SLEP Advisory Group to increase internal and external stakeholder involvement with the ACPS and Alexandria Police Department partnership. It is important to note that while the advisory group will assist in the continued development and refinement of the partnership as well as establish recommendations to the School Board, the advisory group will not have final decision making authority in regards to program operations or administration.


    Presentation at April 21, 2022 School Board Meeting: SLEP Advisory Group Proposal Revised

    SLEP Advisory Group Mission 

    The mission of the SLEP advisory group is to assist ACPS leadership, the Superintendent and the School Board in reimagining the school law enforcement partnership with the Alexandria Police Department in order to ensure a positive, safe and equitable school experience for all students.


    Thank you for your interest in applying. The forms are now closed and applications will go through a review process led by the Family and Community Engagement Team.