Services for Blind and Vision Impaired Students

  • ACPS serves children ages 2 through 21 who reside in the city of Alexandria. The program provides an array of educational services for children who are blind and vision-impaired so they may fully participate in their educational programs. The teacher of the visually impaired is involved in assessment, eligibility, IEP development and implementation, provides consultation and direct services, adapted materials, equipment, and assistive technology, and serves as a link between school staff, students, parents, eye care providers, and the Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired (DBVI).

    School-based educational services provided by the teacher of the visually impaired include the following:

    • Students with vision loss receive placements determined by the IEP team, and a continuum of services is provided. Students who are able to participate in general education classrooms receive support from the teacher of the visually impaired in their neighborhood schools. The teacher of the visually impaired also provides services for students who are blind and vision-impaired in other special education programs citywide.
    • Consultation with city and state agencies and general education staff and administrators to promote educational achievement
    • Support for families throughout the educational process until graduation

    Orientation and mobility services are provided to blind and vision-impaired students to ensure independent and safe travel within the school and community. Assessment and instruction are provided by a certified orientation and mobility specialist in the areas of sensory awareness, concept development, cane travel, and the use of low vision aids.