Appeal Process

  • Parents/guardians have the right to appeal the Talented and Gifted Identification/Placement Committee's decision within 10 instructional days after being informed of their child's eligibility for services or a decision regarding a change in placement. The parents/guardians must submit a written statement to the TAG Coordinator requesting a review of the decision and citing their reasons for believing that the committee decision was in error.

    In the case of an appeal, all of the documents involved in the student's referral are reviewed by an appeal committee consisting of professional personnel from a different school familiar with the gifted placement process. This may include the TAG Designee, TAG teacher and a grade-level teacher, and the TAG Coordinator. Other school personnel is invited when needed. The Appeal Committee will convene within 25 school days of receipt of the letter requesting an appeal. Parents may be present at the beginning of the meeting if they have any additional data to present to the committee relevant to the appeal. After reviewing the information presented at the appeal conference, the Appeal Committee makes one of the following decisions:

    • Eligible for services in Specific Academic Ability or General Intellectual Ability
    • Not eligible for services

    Each case will be evaluated individually. The decision is communicated in writing to the parents within fifteen school days after the appeal conference. The committee's decision is final.

    Appeals or requests for additional information should be sent via US Mail to:

    Alexandria City Public Schools
    1340 Braddock Place
    ATTN: Dr. Megan Tempel-Milner, TAG Coordinator
    Alexandria, VA 22314

    Or via email to: