Everyone is an Ally!

  • The Anti-Defamation League defines an ally as "someone who speaks out on behalf of someone else or takes actions that are supportive of someone else."

    Students as Allies

    Teach your child to speak out against bullying. If your child observes an incident of bullying, they should inform an adult. It is important to be a good observer and report the facts of the situation. This is not "tattling."

    Emphasize safety to your child. If your child feels safe, it is OK to say something like "Stop! That's not funny!" It is best that your child not confront another child engaging in bullying behaviors, but rather to seek assistance from an adult. It is never OK to bully this person back! It takes courage to do the right thing. Encourage your child to reach out to a child that has been bullied by being kind. Your child can help this child talk to an adult.

    Adults as Allies

    School administrators

    • Promote anti-bullying school-wide
    • Investigate instances of bullying
    • Connect students to other staff for support

    School counselors

    • Promote and teach anti-bullying behaviors school-wide through classroom guidance lessons, small groups and individual counseling
    • Work with families to identify supports and resources outside of the school

    Classroom teachers

    • Build a positive classroom culture where diversity is celebrated and bullying is not tolerated
    • Recognize bullying behaviors and immediately address them - "teachable moments"


    • Talk with their children about bullying behaviors
    • Promote positive behaviors and interactions within the home amongst siblings and family members
    • Talk with the school staff when there are concerns

    Community members

    • Foster partnerships with schools to ensure that awareness of bullying behaviors penetrates into the neighborhood
    • Mentor students who may need additional support