About Minnie Howard

  • Minnie Howard, The Woman

    Minnie Howard served Alexandrians during the early and mid-1900s. Imagine a mother of seven children seeing the danger of the newly invented automobile and attempting to curb youth and children's street activities! She not only recognized this newfangled dilemma but rose to the challenge and created the forerunner to our current Alexandria City Recreation Department. Mrs. Howard successfully introduced the supervised playground concept to our city; created Alexandria's school lunch program; and founded the Alexandria Parent Teachers Association in 1912. Quite a feat for a woman of that time!

    While we honor Minnie Howard through this school, early 20th century Alexandrians also recognized her contributions. Mrs. Howard was appointed Alexandria's first probation officer and dealt with related issues on a professional and personal basis, interrupting many a hot meal to handle a needy knock at her door.

    We are proud to recognize Minnie Howard's early involvement in the Alexandria community and once again open the doors of the building bearing her name to the cause that she championed so many years earlier — our youth and leaders of tomorrow!

    Minnie Howard, The Building

    Completed in 1954, Minnie Howard School provided an educational site for grades one through seven. Growth in the student population caused the transition of Minnie Howard from an elementary school to a middle school in 1969. At that time housing seventh and eighth graders, Minnie Howard School ironically presented a curriculum closely aligned to the division's current efforts of team teaching.

    Serving its citizens well, Minnie Howard School closed its doors to students in 1981 and was converted into administrative offices for the Alexandria City Public Schools. Again, a rising student population prompted the renovation of Minnie Howard as a ninth-grade school.

    It is the Alexandria City Public Schools' desire that Minnie Howard School challenges our community's youth, delivers the educational guidance that will prepare a basis for their future, and provide them the parameters around which to expand on Mrs. Howard's exemplary community involvement!