Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

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    Who is a volunteer?

    ACPS Administrative Directive No. 9 states:

    Volunteers include individuals who have been recruited by classroom teachers, volunteer coordinators, or school or central administrators, and have received authorization from the principal (or principal's designee) to perform volunteer services in the school.

    PTA members and parents function as volunteers, visitors, or both, during their child's tenure in a school.


    Should minors interested in volunteering complete the ACPS volunteer application?

    No. Individuals under the age of 18 should not complete the online volunteer application. Minors interested in volunteering may do so if the opportunity will be supervised at all times and written permission from a parent/guardian is provided.


    What if something negative is found in my volunteer application background check?

    Having a criminal history does not automatically mean a person cannot volunteer. It does, however, call for more information and a more substantial screening process. If the person has a child-related crime or is listed on the Sex Offender Registry, the person is automatically denied.


    How long does it take to process the volunteer application?

    Allow two weeks to complete the process.


    When will volunteers need to renew their badges?

    The volunteer screening process approves volunteers for a one-year service period. Volunteers will be notified one month prior to the expiration of their approval date. Upon expiration, volunteers will be directed to electronically renew the volunteer badge and will receive an email notice once the renewal has been approved.


    Where will the volunteer application information be stored?

    Only designated ACPS Central Office staff will screen volunteer applications. ACPS contracts with KeepnTrack, a national company specializing in school safety systems. All volunteer application information is stored in the KeepnTrack database, which is offsite.


    What is considered a valid form of photo identification for the screening process?

    Individuals will be asked to show one of the following forms of photo identification to complete the volunteer application and verification process:

    • Government-issued photo ID card from federal, state or local subdivision (including political subdivisions)
    • Driver's license issued by a State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
    • Tribal enrollment or other tribal ID
    • Passport or passport card
    • Valid employee ID card issued by employer in ordinary course of business (public or private employer)
    • Credit card displaying photograph
    • US military ID
    • Nursing home resident ID
    • Voter photo ID card issued by a State Department of Elections
    • Student ID issued by a public/private school of higher education displaying photo



    If you have any questions or need additional information please contact:

    Angela Houghton

    Volunteer Specialist
    Office of Community Partnerships and Engagement