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    Welcome to the ACPS Grants Office

    Supplemental funding is a critical element of modern school finances, especially during times of reduced budgets at the state level. The mission of the ACPS Grants and Partnerships Office is to coordinate and facilitate teacher and department efforts in acquiring grant funding for unmet student needs.

    Grants Office Mission

    Alexandria City Public Schools maintains a Grants Office for the purpose of coordinating the following services:

    1. Identify a wide range of potential funding sources.
    2. Ensures that the district competes effectively for federal, state, local and private funds.
    3. Assists and encourages teachers with grant seeking, writing, and submitting of proposals.
    4. Manages and maintains existing grants.
    5. Cultivating a relationship with funders by meeting funders’ requirements and grant management processes. Ensuring that all progress and annual reports are submitted on time.
    6. Building partnerships with Alexandria City Government and Nonprofit Organizations to co-apply for grants.
    7. Guiding grant opportunities to programs that are most in need of funding and best fit the funders’ priorities.

    Grants Office Responsibilities

    Technical Assistance for Grant Seekers

    The Grants Office offers ACPS teachers, campuses and departments in the preparation of proposals and grant applications as well as the following:

    • Review pre-application proposals.
    • Assistance with application procedures.
    • Provide forms, guidelines, and related materials.
    • Budget information and formatting suggestions.
    • Assistance with ACPS approval procedures. See ACPS Grant Application Guidelines 2018 (PDF).

    Funding Opportunity Information

    The Grants Office provides information about federal, state, city, private, corporate, and foundation competitive grants to appropriate ACPS units.

    Training in Proposal Writing and Development

    The ACPS Grants Office offers training in Grant proposal writing to ACPS schools and staff. See Why Write a Grant? (PDF)

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     Greg Tardieu

    Greg Tardieu, Ed.D.
    Grants Officer
    Alexandria City Public Schools
    1340 Braddock Place, 4th Floor
    Alexandria, Virginia 22314
    Tel: 703-619-8162
    Fax: 703-619-8984