Mount Vernon Student Programs

  • Safety Patrols

    Under of direction of Social Worker Magda Leon, MVCS safety patrols are stationed inside the building, and on the grounds, as students make their way to school each morning. Safety Patrols give gentle reminders that serve as safety guidelines to ensure that everyone has a great start to their day.

    Student Council

    The Student Council promotes school spirit among the student body and staff, and encourages participation in service projects that benefit our school and community.

    Student Council provides students with many opportunities for leadership. Our council is comprised of an executive council and classroom representatives. Students from each of the kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms choose the representatives. The executive council is elected from students within the third through fifth grades during the first semester of the school year. Campaign speeches are read, taped, and shown via our in-house television station allowing students to learn more about the candidates. Council meetings are conducted once a month and the executive council meets bimonthly. Upcoming projects and student activities are discussed during the meetings. The group also sponsors many civic projects. Their projects include recycling paper and fundraisers for the school.


    Students who wish to be an officer (grades 3-5) must adhere to the following:

    1. Have good grades (satisfactory to excellent).
    2. Submit a letter from his/her parent giving permission for the student to run for office and pledging support in carrying out the student's responsibilities.
    3. Recommendation from current teacher.
    4. Make a speech to be shown on video to the voting grades.

    Students who wish to be a classroom representative must meet the following requirements:

    1. Have good grades (satisfactory to excellent).
    2. Obtain a recommendation from current teacher.