Employee Relations, Evaluations and Training

  • The Office of Employee Relations conducts, processes and assists in the investigation and adjudication of grievances, administrative complaints and other issues of employee concern and conduct. Any employee may register a complaint or grievance with the Department of Human Resources in confidentiality.


    ACPS performance assessment process and evaluations are designed to provide all employees with increased opportunities for professional growth and development. This process is based on a supervisory cycle of reflection, observation and discussion that leads to employee improvement.

    Employees are assessed in TalentEd based on the schedule of their performance evaluation cycle. Evaluations are a key component of employee development.  The performance review is intended to be a fair and balanced assessment of an employee's performance. The evaluation of staff provides an opportunity to:

    • Discuss job performance
    • Set goals for professional development
    • Establish objectives for contribution to the mission of the school division
    • Discuss expectation and accomplishments

    All tools, resources, and information regarding the assessment systems used to evaluate staff are located on ACPS Canvas. All full-time ACPS staff use TalentEd for online evaluations. You must be an active employee to access these systems.


    See the ACPS school board policies related to personnel. If you need assistance please call Human Resources Office of Employee Relations at 703-619-8010.


    If you have a disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you might need a reasonable accommodation to do your job. ACPS  may be legally required to provide reasonable accommodations to employees and job applicants. However, employers aren’t required to guess that you have a disability or what type of accommodation might be useful. You must take the first step by requesting an accommodation—please visit ACPS Canvas for the employee and physician request forms. If you need additional assistance with accommodations please contact Employee Relations.


    Most of us have to face change, stress or a life-altering problem now and then. EAP is designed to provide short-term counseling services, work-life assistance, legal and financial guidance to help you and your family handle concerns constructively, before they become major issues.


    Call or Go Online Anytime for Confidential Help.

    800.327.1850 or TDD: 800.697.0353

    Company ID: HLF902


    Verifications for employment of both current or past employees are provided for financial and employment reference and are managed by employee relations. Financial information includes income for loan verification, insurance claims or unemployment claims. VRS/retirement verifications are managed by the Benefits Office.

    We will accept drop off (walk-in) requests however the response will be emailed or mailed. We do not accept walk-ins that require forms to be filled out and returned to the employee while they wait.


    Sandra Hardeman
    Director, Employee Relations

    Nia Smith
    HR Generalist I, Employee Relations

    Please email all verification requests to hrverifications@acps.k12.va.us or fax to 703-619-8983.