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Student Spotlight for Women’s History Month: ACHS Women of the Future Club

Student Spotlight for Women’s History Month: ACHS Women of the Future Club

Women of the Future (WOTF) aims to bring awareness to women’s rights by coming together as a student body at Alexandria City High School (ACHS) to use one’s voice to help inform and bring about change. Established in 2020, the club was a response to the need for meaningful conversation and awareness some students felt was lacking as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Co-presidents Sara Prince and Olivia Kruse realize high schoolers spend significant time preparing for the future and, through the club, focus on addressing adversities women may face along the way.

“I spent the 2020-21 school year in awe watching these girls develop discussions that truly engaged their peers, hit on tough subjects, while educating each other,” WOTF club advisor and business and information systems teacher Jessica Schipp, known as Ms. Jess, stated. “After the very first meeting, with about 30 or so girls joining virtually, I knew they had something special. As school returned to in-person learning, I watched Sara and Olivia learn to manipulate the format to work in a new environment.”

A recurring topic discussed at meetings is how intersectionality — the ways social categories such as race, gender and economic status overlap — can be overlooked. “Our intersectionality such as our ethnicity, socioeconomic status and education bring up conversations about how feminism is unique to each person,” Prince explained.

Concerns of equity that impact women is another area addressed. Prince points out that while we have seen an increase in representation in recent years, women, particularly those of color,  still continue to fight workplace barriers. “I think the opportunity to work towards closing the equity gap starts while we are still in school as we navigate who we are as individuals and as a woman of modern society.” She suggests young women be given opportunities that expose them to male-dominated careers through school programs or school clubs.

At ACHS, Prince notes a push to have more women represented in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), including support from the Women in STEM Club. She adds, “I believe that a creative approach to STEM-based classes, starting in elementary school, would be very beneficial in addressing underrepresentation. Creating an engaging environment for students to learn key information to succeed in these fields is the first step towards equality.”

WOTF wants to help remove the negative stereotypes associated with feminism, making it clear that it is not just inclusive to women. Prince notes that “Sometimes we can be defined as ‘radical,’ even though our goals point to promoting gender equality. It is important that our male counterparts be educated and aware of our current situations.”

The student club believes role models are important for inspiring young women. During the height of the pandemic, WOTF hosted Zoom meetings with many guest speakers from different professional backgrounds, including careers in law, marketing, politics, technology and education. The group found it beneficial to hear how these women have addressed misconceptions, misogyny and prejudice.

The WOTF co-presidents feel that a “you-can-have-it-all” attitude puts a lot of pressure on everyone, especially women. “I think, for women, there’s so much pressure to not only be perfect at school or work, but to look perfect, too,” Prince says. “It is not realistic or healthy to believe that ‘you can have it all,’ it simply isn’t possible, and that is okay!” She adds, “You do not have to have it all to be successful, you just have to do what you love and love what you do.”

“As powerful as they are as a group, they are just as strong when they hold their own,” Ms. Jess said. “I trust that, as they move out into the community after graduation, they will change every community they touch, just the way they changed mine.”

WOTF usually meets every other Tuesday after school and always welcomes new members. Students can register and learn more by registering on Canvas.

  • 2022-23
  • Alexandria City High School
  • diversity
  • women's history