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Avid Tutors as Support

Who is the AVID Tutor?

AVID Tutors are not only a required component for the AVID Elective classrooms in 6th-12th grade, but they are essential to the supportive environment that places a focus on critical thinking and problem-solving. AVID Center attributes the national AVID student success in part because of the Tutorology process used with students who are expected to enroll in a rigorous course like Honors classes, college-level dual enrollment, and Advanced Placement courses. ACPS is lucky to have a pool of qualified applicants each year where more than 50% are college-age and return each year to tutor. ACPS hires approximately twenty-five tutors and at least 20% are former T.C. Williams High School (currently A. C. High School) AVID graduates.

Tutors are expected to work between 14 and 25 hours per week and serve students during 40% of the AVID class period per week.  As part-time casual employees hired for the year, tutors are trained and supported throughout the year by the AVID District Director and elective teacher. Tutors typically start working with students in October and finish near the end of May.

AVID tutors can be:

  • undergraduate college-age
  • graduate school enrolled
  • college completers
  • peer-age tutors
  • upper classmen students with schedule flexibility
  • E-tutors available for distance support

AVID tutors also support the middle school AVID Excel students during AVID Scholar Groups, or their AVID inquiry-based tutorial model. During this time, students bring their points of confusion found in a piece of text that they are reading as a group or encountered in their disciplinary core learning classes. It’s during this time that Tutors assist in the critical reading process to ensure students have skills, strategies and tools to work through various types of genres, especially non-fiction information text. 

Student Points of Confusion

Tutors support students who come with their POC, or point of confusion for the Tutorial Question (TQ). It is expected that when students challenge themselves by taking a series of courses that are rigorous to them, they may have some questions about the content and skills needed to master the information. The tutors are present to take them through their pre-work, or what they know, the steps they attempted to use to solve the point of confusion and recall the steps for the solution. AVID uses a Socratic method where a small group of students and a tutor are all using critical thinking and questioning to guide the target student to his/her answer.

Tutors must be patient, caring, thoughtful, and have the willingness to use resources to brush up on grade-level content. We expect tutors to be on-time, dependable, and possess the uncanny ability to build relationships with students. AVID tutoring is like no other kind of tutoring! Occasionally during the year, ACPS is seeking additional tutors. For more information, please see the ACPS Employment page and search for the AVID Tutor opening.