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How to Apply

Dual language program application and enrollment information 

Who is eligible to enroll in the Dual Language program?

Given the sequential nature of the program and its alignment with instructional program requirements, students typically enter the Dual Language program at kindergarten or first grade. Any student seeking admission to the Dual Language Program entering grades 2-5 will be assessed to ensure the student can fully access and participate in the appropriate grade level Dual Language curriculum. 

How can my child apply?

Student placement in the Dual Language Program is determined by a combination of factors, including the student's attendance zone and program capacity. In addition, the program design requires a balanced enrollment of students from homes in which English is spoken and homes in which Spanish is spoken.

Mount Vernon Community School

Mount Vernon offers a whole-school Dual Language program. All entering kindergarten and first grade students in the Mount Vernon attendance zone are automatically enrolled in the Dual Language program. Students entering grades 2-5 will be assessed to ensure the student can fully access and participate in the appropriate grade level Dual Language curriculum.

John Adams Elementary School

John Adams offers both a Dual Language option and a traditional program. Families interested in the Dual Language Program for their student may apply when they register for school. Admittance to the program will be approved based on capacity and student eligibility. 

Programmatic Transfers

Slots for students who live outside the attendance zone of Mount Vernon or John Adams are limited. Schools will receive transfers from outside the attendance zone only if space  is available for that year and grade level. Families must request a programmatic transfer if they are interested in applying to the Dual Language program, however there is no guarantee of admission. Programmatic transfers are approved by the Superintendent or authorized designee. 

All students must be registered in their boundary school before alternative student placement can be made. In addition to the programmatic transfer request, John Adams requires students to complete an application.

If the number of students seeking programmatic transfers to the Dual Language Program exceeds the available spaces, then after July 1, all of the students with new programmatic transfer applications will enter a lottery for random selection. Siblings of students who have received programmatic transfers will be admitted if they meet the dual language eligibility requirements.

Transportation is provided for families approved for an administrative transfer to the Dual Language Program. (See School Board Policy JC-R/JCD-R for more information about programmatic transfers.)

What if my child wants to opt out?

Students who do not wish to enroll in the Dual Language program may participate in the traditional curriculum program if it's available at the school. If the school is Dual Language only, students may request a programmatic transfer to the school closest to the student's residence with the capacity at that grade level.