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School Board Policy Revisions: Updates from April 11, 2024

School Board Policy Revisions: Updates from April 11, 2024

Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) policy revisions that are adopted by the Alexandria City School Board are available to access on our website, with staff being notified through the ACPS Insider newsletter. These are updates of existing Board policies, and we are informing staff of these changes as they govern school division operations. For more details about the policy revisions adopted by the School Board, please visit the webpage.

At the Alexandria City School Board meeting on April 11, 2024, the School Board amended the following five policies:

AA - School Division Legal Status

  • 5-year review
  • Is aligned with the VSBA model policy, no changes

BBBB - Student Representatives to the School Board

BBBB-R - Student Representatives to the School Board - Regulations and Application

BBBB-R2 - Middle School Student Student Representatives Regulations and Application

  • Requested Review
  • Standard changes
  • Added the International Academy student representative
  • Clarified attendance requirements
  • Removed the application
  • Replaced the MS representatives with a MS listening model using the MS SCA
  • Retired the MS regulation

CA – Superintendent Duties

  • 5-year review
  • Standard changes
  • Title revised to better reflect policy content
  • Struck duplicative language concerning the coordination of communication within the school system and community

JCE - Redistricting Implementation

JCE-R - Redistricting Implementation Regulations

  • Requested review
  • Retired as the implementation from the 2018 redistricting is complete 

JHG/GAE - Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

JHG-R/GAE-R - Regulations for Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

JHG-R/GAE-R - Interagency Reporting Agreement

  • 5 year review
  • Standard Changes
  • Clarified that the policy and regulation focus on any child abuse and neglect reporting. As currently worded it might be inferred that this was focused on child abuse and neglect by ACPS staff. Staff abuse would be covered by Policy GBBA.
  • Added a provision that substantial revisions to the Interagency Reporting Agreement will be  reported to the Virginia Board of Education.
  • The current regulation is the Interagency Reporting Agreement and does not provide a clear process for ACPS staff to follow.
  • The Interagency Reporting Agreement will become a stand-alone agreement between the City and ACPS (not a regulation).
  • Created a new regulation to provide clear child abuse and neglect reporting processes for ACPS staff to follow.

ACPS has more than 400 policies and regulations which are systematically revised prior to being presented to the School Board for information. The revision process includes alignment with the associated Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) model policy, alignment with the Code of Virginia, an equity review, a legal review, revisions by a team of staff members, a Senior Leadership Team review and a School Board Policy Committee review. Public input on proposed revisions is taken at School Board Policy Committee meetings and regular School Board meetings.

  • 2023-24
  • Staff Engagement
  • policy-updates