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Capital Improvement Program Budget

CIP Budget Focuses in on Updating Facilities And Addressing Capacity, While Adhering to the City's Fiscal Guidance

Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) Superintendent Dr. Melanie Kay-Wyatt has announced a Capital Improvement Program Budget (CIP) of $313,957,900 for the next 10 years.The fiscal guidance presented by the City recommended that schools maintain the total amount of capital funding included in the approved CIP for years 2-10 ($316 million), but distributed across the FY 2025 – FY 2034 planning window. This represents an approximately $50M reduction in City approved ten-year CIP and an approximately $144M reduction in School Board approved ten-year CIP.

Facility Updates

After completing a series of significant projects to address both capacity and non-capacity needs, ACPS remains dedicated to its proactive capital investment approach. The proposed CIP budget emphasizes facility requirements that extend beyond basic safety considerations, specifically targeting the second phase of priority projects, as determined through the comprehensive facility condition assessments conducted in 2021. Comprehensive facility condition assessments are carried out for each school every five years. These assessments provide detailed information concerning every building system, evaluating the overall condition of school facilities and providing vital life cycle forecasting data to identify and address future building and system needs.

"We have made a strong commitment to cultivating a bright instructional future for our community, and our learning environments and facilities are vital to this priority,” said Superintendent Dr. Melanie Kay-Wyatt. “This proposed budget, which is in line with our projected capacity needs for years to come, is a testament to our dedication to providing ample room and flexibility to support student growth, learning and opportunity.”
Over the past decade, ACPS has secured a significant $558.9 million in CIP funds. While $60 million remains unallocated, it is designated for future use. Roughly $40 million has been designated for specific projects, including the 1703 N. Beauregard swing space and the Minnie Howard redevelopment, both of which are slated for awarding by February 2024.


The presented budget CIP includes the following:

  • Allocating resources for the modernization of George Mason Elementary School.
  • Continued capital investment planning for Cora Kelly School for Math, Science & Technology.
  • Enhancing the ACPS transportation facility through modernization efforts.
  • Providing funding for improvements to exterior playgrounds and sports areas.
  • Sustaining ongoing upgrades and replacements of building systems, as needed within specific facilities.

"The Department of Facilities and Operations has worked diligently to develop a proposed CIP budget that reflects ongoing facility needs and evolving student requirements, sustainability initiatives and changing regulations. This proposed budget provides a path forward for strategic capital investments while remaining in close alignment with fiscal guidance received from the City. We are grateful to the superintendent and School Board for their support and collaborative spirit through this development process.” said Chief Operating Officer Dr. Alicia Hart.

Public Hearing

The School Board will hold a Public Hearing on the CIP Budget on Nov. 13, 2023, beginning at 6:30 p.m., to allow community members to share their input before the Board is scheduled to adopt the final FY 2025-34 CIP Budget on Dec. 14, 2023. Members of the public who wish to give remarks on the CIP Budget may sign up to speak in person or via Zoom, or may submit written public comments via the online form. The deadline to sign up is noon on Sun., Nov. 12, 2023.

ACPS’ CIP Project funding is allocated by the City of Alexandria. Once the capital projects are approved by the Alexandria City School Board, the City maintains all CIP funding and the accounting for these funds. ACPS is given the budget authority to execute CIP projects. The CIP Budget exclusively funds capital improvement and modernization projects. The CIP Budget is separate from the Combined Funds budget, which includes three separate funds: Operating, Grant and Special Projects, and School Nutrition. For more information on ACPS budgets, visit ACPS Budgets.

View the presentation of the 2025-2034 CIP Budget Proposal (PDF)
Watch the presentation to the School Board


Playground Condition Assessments

The Playground Condition Assessments (PCA) provide a benchmark of the current state of ACPS playgrounds and prioritize projects for maintenance, repair and/or replacement. This assessment, along with estimates of cost and project prioritization, enable ACPS to make informed decisions on projects to pursue in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Final Report 2023

Educational Specifications

The City of Alexandria (the City) and the Alexandria City Public School Division (ACPS) joined together in the fall of 2012 to develop a Long Range Educational Facilities Plan (LREFP) to improve facilities planning, accommodate the growing student population, and enhance
educational programs and services. An Educational Specification (“Ed Spec”) is the guiding planning document that describes the proposed outcomes of a school modernization or new construction project.

ACPS CIP Quarterly Reports

Each quarter, The Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) Office of Facilities gives an update to the School Board on the progress of their current projects.