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Douglas Macarthur Modernization

Construction Update: March 12, 2023 -  March 25, 2023

Northside masonry of the courtyard is complete; the southside is nearing completion. East-side masonry is expected to start next week. Installation of the bus loop will start this week, and level 2 paint is scheduled to be completed this week. The walk-in freezer has been installed, and kitchen equipment installation will begin soon.

The following construction activities are complete:

  •     Northside courtyard Brick facade
  •     Level 3 light installation

The following construction activities are ongoing:

  •     Window installation at all levels
  •     Level 3 sprinkler installation
  •     Level 3 duct installation
  •     Southside courtyard Brick facade
  •     Mechanical room fitout
  •     Kitchen overhead mechanical, electrical, and plumbing


Douglas MacArthur Modernization Project

A new Douglas MacArthur Elementary School is scheduled to open its doors in August 2023. The original opening was scheduled for 2025, but in April 2019, the School Board voted to use swing space at the former Patrick Henry Elementary School for Douglas MacArthur students beginning in 2020. This decision allowed Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) to move up the timeline for the Douglas MacArthur community.

Visit the SKANSKA project website

Douglas MacArthur Modernization Project Timeline

The new Douglas MacArthur Elementary School building will be built on the same site as the original building. The new building is planned to be 150,000 square feet and three stories. It will accommodate spaces for classrooms, art and music rooms and physical education. The design also includes turf fields and play areas. The building is scheduled to open in August of 2023.

Project Timeline


Community Engagement

Douglas MacArthur modernization included four phases of community engagement: pre-design, design, construction, and occupancy

Virtual Community Meeting

December 12, 2022


The Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) Office of Capital Programs, Planning, and Design team held a virtual community meeting on Monday, Dec. 12, 2022, about the Douglas MacArthur modernization project. The project team and construction partners provided an update on the construction progress, transition timeline, and substantial completion date.

Please send your feedback to Arte’a Funderburk, CIP communications specialist, at

Douglas Macarthur Modernization Project Update

Community Meeting Presentation

First page of the PDF file: DouglasMacArthurCommunityMeeting

The MacArthur community will be involved in the design and build of the new school in several ways. 

Communicating with the Douglas MacArthur community is a very important part of this project. In order to ensure community feedback, we have created an Advisory Group of community members as well as a School Advisory Team made up of school administrators, staff and teachers. These groups will provide input to the core project team of ACPS staff and the architect group DLR. 

Skanska, the project development and construction group hired for this project, also has a site-specific Project Website that provides up-to-date information on site construction, traffic concerns and FAQs. 

Community members are also welcome to send comments to the project team at

Advisory Group Members:










Lisa Porter

Clover College Park Civic Association

Bill Pfister

Parent and Community Member

Elliot Rhodeside

Community Member

Kristina Seppala

Douglas MacArthur PTA

Kelly Booz

Taylor Run Civic Association

Mindy Lyle

Alexandria Planning Commission

Margaret Lorber

School Board Member

Randy Gore  Edith S. Hawkins

Campagna Center


Amy Jackson

Alexandria City Council Member

Dana Colors

Alexandria Park & Recreation Commission

Gaynelle Diaz


Jeanette Chuck

Parent and Community Member