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Alternate Transportation Request

Collaboration between the Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities and the ACPS Transportation Office will give parents and guardians the ability to make alternative transportation requests using the Alternate Transportation Request Form.

What Is Alternate Transportation?

Alternative Transportation is defined as “Transportation to/from a location that is not the bus stop established  based on the student’s home address.” Examples are a Recreation Center or a family member’s residence.

Additional Information and How To Request Alternate Transportation

  1. The form and instructions to submit an Alternate Transportation request can be found on the ACPS Transportation website beginning on July 13, 2023. 
  2. Requests for alternative transportation must be to a location within the attendance area of your student’s school of assignment or a location pre-planned for the 2023–24 school year.
  3. A request for transportation to a recreation center outside of the student’s attendance area will be limited to the pre-planned bus stops found below.
  4. Alternative Transportation requests can be submitted until **August 4, 2023. (Samuel Tucker enrolled student requests can be made until July 19, 2023). **Requests for changes will not be reviewed between August 5 through September 1, 2023 to ensure timely processing. Transportation will resume reviewing requests after September 2, 2023**
  5. Each request is for an individual student only and is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the ACPS Transportation Office before a student can be transported.
  6. Parents will be notified by the students assigned home school by email regarding the decision made on the request.

If you have any transportation related questions, please email the transportation office at

Alternate Transportation Request Form


Rec Center

Cora Kelly - Chick Armstrong Rec

Charles Barrett Rec.

Mount Vernon Rec.

George Mason

Charles Barrett Rec.

Chick Armstrong Rec.

Mount Vernon - MV Rec.

Chick Armstrong Rec.

Charles Barrett - Charles Barrett Rec.

Chick Armstrong Rec.

Naomi Brooks

Mt Vernon Rec.

Charles Houston Rec.

Jefferson Houston

Charles Houston Rec.

Lyles - Crouch

Nannie J Lee Rec.

Charles Houston Rec.

James K. Polk

Patrick Henry Rec.

William Ramsay Rec.

Patrick Henry - PH Rec

Patrick Henry Rec.

Douglas MacArthur

Patrick Henry Rec.

William Ramsay - WR Rec

FT Day Rec.

John Adams Rec.

Ferdinand T. Day

William Ramsay Rec.

John Adams Rec

John Adams - JA Rec

William Ramsay Rec.

FT Day Rec.

Samuel Tucker

Patrick Henry Rec.

William Ramsay Rec.

Frances Hammond MS

Centers in FH boundary zone

George Washington MS

Centers in GW boundary zone

AHKS Special

Nannie Lee Therapeutic Rec.