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Advanced Academic Services (AAS)

How We Serve the Division

In ACPS, we believe all students have the fundamental right to an education that promotes the development of their potential. Each child has a unique profile of academic strengths and abilities. ACPS is committed to providing challenging learning experiences for all students that build on individual strengths and optimize abilities, including Advanced Academic Services (AAS), formally known as Talented and Gifted Services.

AAS aligns with ACPS beliefs, policies, and procedures grounded in equity and inclusion. We believe in developing the strengths and talents of all students and offer a continuum of AAS to meet a range of students' needs, which also aligns with the Talent Development Model. The Talent Development theoretical framework posits that schools should identify services necessary to develop high potential.

ACPS offers a continuum of AAS to nurture skills acquisition, beginning in kindergarten and continuing through grade 12. This K-12 continuum provides increasing levels of challenge and is designed to emphasize the importance of matching services to student needs.  

Services Available to Schools

  • Critical and Creative Thinking for All: K-12. 

  • Early Childhood Development Model using targeted gifted resources and instructional strategies in K-3 classrooms. 

  • Grades K-3 General Intellectual Aptitude (GIA): Gia services are enriched and integrated classroom activities designed to enhance creativity and problem solving without being tied to one content area.  

  • Grades 4-12 Specific Academic Aptitude (SAA): SAA in LA & Math (pull-out model provided by AAS teacher). SAA in SS and Science (differentiated instruction in general education classroom with a Differentiated Education Plan (DEP).  

"ACPS believes that students among all ethnic, racial and socioeconomic groups should be provided with an education that enables them to achieve excellence, developing their abilities to the fullest."

Contact Information

Megan Tempel-Milner, Ph.D., Director of Advanced Academic Programs (K-12)

Alexandria City Public Schools
1340 Braddock Place
Alexandria, VA 22314

Mashari Whitfield
Elementary Instructional Specialist for Advanced Academic Services (Grades K-5)

Christie Goodman
Secondary Instructional Specialist for Advanced Academic Services (Grades 6-12)