MacArthur Student Programs

Student Council Association students posting in front of Christmas tree
  • The Good Morning MacArthur Show

    Douglas MacArthur has a television studio that employs 100 fourth and fifth graders each year. The students work as anchors, camera operators, producers and technicians to create a live broadcast every morning at 8 a.m.

    Each show is taped and later broadcast on ACPS-TV channel 71 and can also be seen on the MAC TV YouTube Channel.


    The Boys to Men mentoring program is an opportunity for our students to receive valuable support from an adult mentor. During the mentorship, students will participate in various activities to support their academic, physical, or emotional needs. Student can be referred to the club by teachers and counselors. The mentoring supervisor is Assistant Principal Todd Franze.

    Safety Patrols

    Under of direction of P.E. teacher Arthur Harris, MacArthur safety patrols are stationed inside the building, and on the grounds, as students make their way to school each morning. Safety Patrols give gentle reminders that serve as safety guidelines to ensure that everyone has a great start to their day.

    Student Council Association (SCA)

    Student Council under the direction of P.E. teacher, Kristy Hepak, is a student governed organization that focuses on community service, and addresses student hopes and dreams for MacArthur. Membership is voted on by the MacArthur student body, afterwhich, councilmembers decide who is elected to the respective positions of President and Vice-President.