Positive School Attendance and Truancy Prevention

  • Equity for All Begins with Positive School Attendance

    In order for students to access their education, they must commit to regularly attend school. Parents are our partners in ensuring students are in school and ready to learn each day. Equity for all begins with positive attendance habits that open the door for students to take advantage of the many rich opportunities available to them in ACPS. When students miss school, they miss instruction. They miss developing social skills with their classmates and friends. They miss opportunities to take advantage of extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports. And we miss them!

    Our goal is for every student to be present at school every day. When a student is absent from school for an excused reason, it is important for parents to communicate with the school so that the student can make up missed assignments. Together, we can achieve equity for all starting with positive school attendance.

    Information for Parents

    Information for ACPS Employees