Academic Advisement and Course Selection

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  • Academic Advisement and Course Selection for 2019-2020 is underway!

    From Feb 4 - March 22, students will learn more about our many offerings and make their class selections for the 2019-2020 school year.

    Choosing high school classes for the upcoming school year is an exciting time for many teenagers. Selecting an academic program must be given considerable thought and planning. To facilitate this process, the Program of Studies is a comprehensive guide that provides students, families and staff members with up-to-date information on graduation requirements and comprehensive information to use when researching courses, choosing courses and planning academic pathways.

    The entire T. C. Williams staff is committed to ensuring that all Titans graduate with workplace skills, a sense of civic responsibility and post-secondary plans that align with their interests and goals.  The academic advisement process is a time of self-reflection and a time for students to imagine their futures. Academic advisement is a student-centered and collaborative process. Counselors, teachers, administrators and families work together to support students as they make important decisions. We encourage students and families to ask questions.

    As students choose courses it is important to remind them to consider the following:

    • Graduation requirements;
    • Career interests and post-secondary goals;  
    • Personal well-being; and
    • Extra-curricular and other commitments that demand students time and energy.

    Individual conferences between students and their school counselors will be will held between February 13 – March 22.  In ACPS, we referred to these individual conferences as "MYCAP" or My Career and Academic Plan conferences. During MYCAP conferences, students meet with their school counselor to select next year courses based on current grades, graduation requirements, post-secondary plans, career interests, test scores, and teacher recommendations. Counselors enter course requests in PowerSchool, and parents may view their child’s course requests by logging into PowerSchool. In addition to MYCAP conferences, other academic advisement events include:

    • Classroom presentations by grade level during which students review graduation requirements and learn about course offerings, typical sequencing, the importance of school-life balance, pathways aligned to their interests and post-secondary plans and timelines for course registration. 
    • Articulation meetings where counseling and administration teams meet with current 8th graders at all feeder middle schools to share information about course offerings, graduation requirements, and high school planning.
    • Academic Orientation and Curriculum Night, February 5, 5:30–7:30pm: Please join us at the King Street Campus for our annual Academic Orientation and Curriculum Night. Students and families may peruse through dozens of informational tables and meet teachers from various content areas. School counselors offer break-out sessions with specific information for each "rising" grade level, staff a Q/A table so individual questions can be addressed and provide tours of the school.  Students and families also can attend breakout sessions about the STEM Academy and the new Governor's Health Science Academy at T. C. Williams High School.  Transportation and interpretation services is be provided in collaboration with the ACPS FACE Center.
    • Academic Days of Emphasis:  Teachers meet with students to discuss course options for next year and record their recommendations for students and families to consider.  Teachers who teach seniors discuss what their subject area courses might be like in college and how to prepare for the rigor of college coursework.
    • Electives Fairs for Students, February 14 and February 15: During our early release school days, students at both the King Street and Minnie Howard campuses have the opportunity to explore academic and electives course options.  King Street students work through a four-session rotation using a "professional conference-style" format.  Minnie Howard students enjoy an "exhibition hall" format during their lunch blocks. 
    • Senior Meeting, February 14: During the Elective Fair at the King Street campus, seniors will meet to review all of the information available at this time concerning senior events in May and June.

    Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to contact their child’s school counselor with questions. We encourage and welcome active participation in this important transition process.  All families have access to their child’s course requests electronically through PowerSchool/ACPS Academic Access (AAA).

    In April, course request confirmation letters will be sent home to families as we prepare to build student schedules throughout the late spring/early summer.

    We look forward to working as a team to select a strong course of study for your child.