• 8/10/2021




    6/21 - Ms. Tasha celebrating her students - You Did It!




    6/9 - Attention ECC Families, we will be distributing Summer Learning Packets for only students who will be learning virtually this summer.

    When: Monday, June 14, 2021

    Location: Early Childhood Center @ Door #22

    Please drive up and stay in the car.  We will bring packet to you.

    Hope to see you on June 14th!

    pick up


  • 5/21 - Check out Jacob's building project - A parking garage! Job well done!




    5/7 - Celebration continues - appreciating our teachers and assistants. (Ms. Conner and Ms. Bramsen with their student Andrew)



    5/6 - Happy Nurses Day Dr. Runton!! 




    5/5 - Celebrating our amazing Teachers and Instructional Assistants!  Thank you for all that you do for our students and families.  Breakfast from Village Sweets served by our ECC Principal and Assistant Principal - ECC's baristas Heidi and Alicia.




    4/20 - A student in Ms. Danielle's class enjoying listening to a story.



    4/1 - The ECC & JA food pantry is now installed outside Door 22.  If families are in need of food, please stop by our food pantry and retrieve any item you like to take home.  The Good Project will try to restock the pantry weekly.  Also, they welcome any donations to the food pantry as well.


    food pantry


    3/25 -  A student in Ms. Madison's class used colored tape to create the first letter in his name and painted the entire paper to create a contrast between the background and the uppercase letter. He peeled the tape off to reveal a white bright R for Raadmehr!



    3/6/21 - Students in Ms. Danielle's class share their recycling projects. 



  • 3/4/21 - Ms. Redlinger's class - students practicing wearing their masks while watching Koo Koo Kanga Roo's video on wearing masks.



  • 2/23 - In Mrs. Danielle's class students are celebrating 100th Day by making themselves look 100 years old.

    100 day
  • 2/5 -  In Ms. Haili's class the students made Forky out of recycled materials.

    Forky       Class



    2/13 - Celebrating Valentine's Day in Ms. Danielle's class.




    2/19 - In Ms Haili's students made Olaf out of toilet paper rolls.  He's so cute!


    Olef   class


  • 1/28 - Virtual Fashion Show in Ms. Redlinger's class.  Every one looks amazing!

    Fashion Show

  • 1/18 - In Mrs. Roseman's class students raced against each other to beat the timer. Students had to find various clothing items. Once clothing items were found students had to put them on.


    Beat the Timer

  •  Happy New Year 2021!


    New Year 2021



  • Wear your Favorite Outfit Day (PJ Day)


    Wear Your Favorite Outfit Day

  • PreK student from Ms. Routhouska enjoying the snow - 1st snow fall of the season.


    Snow Day

  • Teachers and Adminstrative Staff were busy this cold rainy morning (12/14) distributing learning packets and toys to preschool families. Distribution      Learning Packet Distribution

  •   December Family Music Night

    Family Music Night        Family Music Night



    ECC student material distribution was a success!




  • This week we had our Annual Students' Celebration of Clothes Fashion Show!

    walk the runway clothes study

    The ECSE had a parade around the ECC showing off their amazing outfits, check out the video!

    4 students walk in fashion parade


    VPI classes had multiple fashion shows, check out the video of one set of classes!

    4 students walk down a red carpet


    This week we celebrated our 100th day of school!

    Ms. Heidi, Rain and Ms. Alicia dressed up to appear elderly holding a signs that say happy 100 days

    Ms. Heidi, Rain and Ms. Alicia all dressed up to look like they were 100 years old!

    ms. danielle's class smiles at camera

    Classes celebrated in many ways, Ms. Danielle's class had special hats and shirts!

    100 fruit loops are counted and strung on necklaces

    Here a class counted 100 pieces of cereal and strung them onto necklaces!


    This week we started our Building Study!

    We learned all about houses and where we live!

    the song 'i built a house' is written out in ms. bingman's class

    construction paper houses

    houses drawings

    We even learned about The Three Little Pigs houses!

    paper houses with sticks and yarn straw


    This week we learned all about who builds buildings! 

    drawing of construction worker

    girl wears toolbelt

    student plays with toy hammer



  • This week we tie dyed our clothes!

    children dye clothes with squirt bottles child squirts white shirt with red dye

    Part of our Clothing Study was learning how clothes are made, tie dying is a fun way to experiment with how our clothes are colored!

    shirts are dyed shirts drying after being dyed


    This week the Alexandria City Fire Department came and talked with us!

    a firefighter talks to a group of students, a firefighter gives a student a high five, city of alexandria fire department tex

    We learned all about what gear they wear to keep them safe when they're in burning buildings, which we had been learning about in our Clothing Study! It was great to get to see it all in real life!

    firefighter talks to a group of students, firefighter climbs ladder while teacher points

    We even got to see a firefighter climb the ladder, he gave everyone high fives when he came back down!



    This week Ms. Lindsey's & Ms. Tasha's class got two class pets!


    two guinea pigs in a cage

    Their names are Brazelton and Jean!

    child pets guinea pig  

    child is reaching toward a guinea pig

    Everyone is having such a great time learning all about what the Guinea pigs need and how to be gentle with them.

    children look at guinea pig cage

    The students love to watch them eat and explore their cage!


    This week we had fun tracing and drawing our clothes!

    We are in the full swing of the new year and our Clothing Study, and this week in Ms. Bingman's class the students traced their bodies and drew on their clothes! 

    student colors an outline of their body  students colors an outline of their body with multiple colors

    student colors an outline of their boot  

    Even Bo got involved in the fun and had his body traced and colored! (You can follow all of the fun that Bo has at ECC by searching #FollowBoFriday of social media!)

    a monkey puppet smiles at the camera while 2 students color an outline of his body in the background


    This week we learned about pajamas!

    a boy student wears red pajamas and holds up the book 'llama llama red pajama'

    In Ms. Tasha's class the students read the book 'Llama Llama Red Pajamas' by Anna Dewdney

    a student wears red pajamas and holds up the book 'llama llama red pajama'

    They even got to wear red pajamas while learning and reading!

    child wears red pajamas and sits in a rocking chair while smiling at camera

    Learning about clothing is so fun!

    This week we started our Clothing Study!

    We're learning all about wearing coats in the cold, doing laundry, how a tailer makes clothes bigger and smaller, and so much more!

    a student shows a coloring page of schoes a student holds up a coloring page of shoes

    Ms. Michelle's class celebrated the Clothing Study starting with one of our favorites, Pete the Cat!

    a student holds up a coloring page of shoes student looks at camera with her coloring page displayed on the table under her

    Pete is famous for his cool school shoes, which fits right into our Clothing Study!

  • November

    We had a tree visit our classrooms this week!

    To celebrate the end of our Tree Study we had a tree visit our classrooms this week!

    Ms. Heidi in a tree costume greets students in their classroom, the students are smiling

    Our students labeled the different parts of the tree, the branches were the favorite!

    Ms. Danielle's class labels the different parts of the tree

    Ms. Heidi dressed up as a tree, everyone was so happy to see her and her amazing costume!

    students smile up at Ms. Heidi dressed as a tree

    We went on a field trip this week!

    This week we went to Burgandy Farm Country Day School this week!

    a collage of pictures with students playing on a playground

    They have an amazing playground with lots of fun things to play on, including an awesome slide!

    a collage of pictures shows students looking at various farm animals such as chickens, a goat and a turkey

    They also have farm animals, the students were enthralled with the ducks, chickens, goats and even a turkey!

    Thank you Burgandy Farm Country Day School for having us!


    We had Picture Day this week!

    On ECC's social media four teachers childhood pictures were shared and everyone tried to guess who was who!

    four childhood pictures of young ECC teachers

    It was so much fun, there were multiple correct guesses!

    Ms. Michelle holds up a picture of her as a young child Ms. V holds up a picture of her as a young child Ms. Latasha holds up a picture of her as a young child Ms. Bingman holds up a picture of her as a young child


    This week we went on a nature walk!

    children and teachers are walking down a paved path in the woods

    We marveld at the height of trees, the beautiful leaves on the ground, and the bugs that we found!

    two children touch a tree and look up in it's branches

    a student looks at the worm in a teacher's hand


  • 2019 - 2020 School Year 


    This week we learned about buildings in our neighborhood!

    what buildings do we see in our neighborhood poster

    We even practiced building our own!

    mcdonalds building built out of blocks with handwritten sign

    two children play with legos


    This week we sang at the school board meeting!

    students sing in front of school board

    students sing in front of school board

    students sing in front of school board

    We are so proud of our students for representing the Early Childhood Center with their sweet voices!


    This week we started the process of selecting a mascot for the ECC!

    what will ecc's mascot be?

    Each class turned in a suggestion, watching them make their lists and narrow down their choices was so much fun!

    list of suggestions for mascot  list of suggestions for mascot

    And now administration will be picking a handful to choose from, and the whole ECC will vote! 

    ecc mascot suggestions



    This week we started something new on Fridays!

    We started #FollowBoFriday where anyone on social media can follow Bo The Monkey as he goes classroom to classroom, fun activity to fun activity! Last Friday he went to Music class, Art class, learned about trees, dressed up like a superhero and even listened to our principal, Ms. Heidi, read a story!

    Here are some highlights:

    A monkey puppet poses with a paint brush in his mouth in art class

    A monkey puppet poses with a poster outlining what a class thinks they will find under a tree

    A monkey puppet sits in front of a class of students being read to by Ms. Heidi, the principal

    Tune in every Friday to see where Bo will go next!

    Find us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!


    This week we had a special visitor read to us!

    This week our assistant principal, Ms. Kingcade, came and read Old McDonald Had A Farm to some of our classes!

    Ms. Kingcade reads to a group of students

    She even brought along a friend, a stuffed animal pig!

    Ms. Kingcade shows the class a stuffed animal pig

    Ms. Kingcade is always a big hit with both the students and teachers, everyone loves when she visits.

    Thank you Ms. Kingcade for everything you do!

    Learning About Primary Colors!

    students circular artwork is displayed on window

    This week many of our students learned about primary colors and how they mix together to create new colors!

    students circular artwork is displayed on window

    Our awesome art teacher helped the students mix ink and create this amazing window, everyone loves it when the sun shines through and all the colors are on display. Each artwork is beautiful and unique, just like each of the students at The Early Childhood Center!

    large art display of circular art is displayed on window using primary colors

    National Smile Day!

    The first Friday of October is National Smile Day, and we celebrated by reading the book 'I Love It When You Smile' by Sam McBratney and making a list of all the things that make us smile.

    Napping makes us smile! 

    Bunnies make us smile!

    Playing with my uncle makes me smile!

    three boys smile

    Going to Chuck E Cheese makes us smile!

    Being with my mommy makes me smile!

    Cake makes us smile!

    Playing with my cat makes me smile!

     two students smile

    Going to the waterpark makes me smile!

    Playing on the playground makes us smile!

    Playing soccer makes us smile!

     four girl students smile

    I smile when my brother throws and catches me!

    Eating ice cream makes us smile!

    Playing basketball at school with my friend makes me smile!

    The Early Childhood Center makes us smile!


    Making Lemonade...from scratch!

    This week Mrs. Danielle's class made lemonade from scratch! The students each took turns squeezing the lemons, and then as a class they measured the water and sugar needed.

    images show students squeezing lemons using a handheld juicer assisted by Miss. Danielle

    They loved working as a team and especially loved the sweet lemonade they made together!

    students drink lemonade from paper cups




    International Dot Day!

    This week we celebrated International Dot Day by reading The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

    We also discussed how anyone can be an artist, they just have to try!

    child smiles while holding book sitting next to monkey puppet

    This fun book based holiday is all about creativity, courage and imagination!

    We even took turns making our own dots, here's a beautiful piece of art drawn by Miss. Annie's class

    childrens drawing with scribbles and circle shapes