Douglas MacArthur Modernization

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  • A new Douglas MacArthur Elementary School is scheduled to open its doors in August 2023. The original opening was scheduled for 2025, but in April 2019, the School Board voted to use swing space at the former Patrick Henry Elementary School for Douglas MacArthur students beginning in 2020. This decision allowed ACPS to move up the timeline for the Douglas MacArthur community.

Latest Updates

  • Construction Update: May 12, 2022 -  May 25, 2022

    Public utilities work is continuing on-site and the affected sidewalks have been closed. A temporary crosswalk and alternate pedestrian routes have been established. Installation of the duct bank along Janney’s Lane and into the school is ongoing. Storm and sanitary street crossing installation is complete while onsite storm and sanitary installation is ongoing. Public right of way work is being extended to July. Underground mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installation is ongoing. Mockup of the façade construction at the southeast corner of the site is ongoing and review of materials by the City is beginning next week.

    Structural steel construction is ongoing. The crane will be on-site through the end of July for structural steel erection. 

    The project team performed an evacuation drill (required to perform every 6 months) on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, at 10am using 2 air horns, one on the west side of the site and one in the center of the site. The air horns were sounded a few times each and the evacuation took about 4.5 minutes for everyone to gather at the gate near the Skanska trailer.

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  • SKANSKA Project Website 

    SKANSKA, the project development and construction group leading the Douglas MacArthur Modernization project, created a Project Website that provides updates on construction (i.e. traffic information, weekend construction, etc.), information on the project team and FAQs. 

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