Everyday Titan Student News

  • TC Everyday News

    Everyday Titan is a daily announcement/news program produced by the TC Williams High School Advanced TV Production students. The program is a venue to provide the TC family (staff and students), the Alexandria community, with information regarding future events, reports on events that have recently taken place and news that may be of interest. 

    Everyday Titan, which is also the class's regular transfer task, provides students the opportunity for students to use the creative, technical, and organizational skills they learn in the TV Production class.

    The four to ten minute show runs every school day, Monday through Friday, except on days of general testing: SOL, PSAT, SAT, etc.; student holidays; school closures that include days off and 2-hour delays; and other days that disallow students from recording the show. It plays twice a day: 11:35 a.m. and 12:08 p.m. during the first and second lunch blocks in T.C. Williams.

    The show may also be viewed daily on visit ACPS-TV starting after lunch of the day it was recorded, or in special circumstances, when the station manager is able to upload the program to youtube.

    Everyday Titan is produced by the TV/Media Production's second year class: the DE TV/Media Production II class. On any given day, 13 students actively participate in the studio portion of the daily show. The remaining students are tasked to create video segments for the show. 

    The show runs on a rotation basis: the above-the-line jobs (producers, director, technical director, hosts) stay in their jobs for 6 weeks; the below-the-line jobs (audio director, graphics creator/operator, assistant director, teleprompter operator, floor director, camera people, segment producers) stay in their jobs for 3 weeks. By the end of the school year, each student masters at least 9 of the 11 jobs needed to run a television studio.

    Although the TV/Media Production program has been providing Channel 71 with regular programming for the past 17 years, Everyday Titan is the first student-produced program that runs daily. The show is on its 6th year.