Preferred Language Access


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    All daily ACPS Express COVID-19 messages are professionally translated and sent each day as a text message to families with Spanish, Arabic or Amharic noted as a preferred language in PowerSchool. Robocalls are also sent when there is critical information to share. Information is posted to the ACPS Facebook page in multiple languages. 

    To ensure we are reaching all families, a printed letter with critical information is also mailed in four languages to all families in ACPS schools. This includes information about the food access hotline, how to sign up to receive text messages in a preferred language, Chromebook help and citywide resources.

    Every page on the ACPS website, including all pages on the ACPS-at-Home website, has an instant translation option at the top (left hand corner). If your browser is set to Amharic, for example, any page you click on, will automatically translate into that language. However, we are aware that instant translation is not always sufficient. Therefore, to ensure accuracy, all critical content is professionally translated and a PDF of the content is posted to that page.



    COVID-19 Updates


    All ACPS COVID-19 Updates are distributed in the preferred language chosen during enrollment. 

    For the latest information, visit the Update Center and be sure to subscribe to ACPS Express.



    Website Translation

    Every ACPS website page has multilingual instructions and automatic translation options.

    In the top left portion of all ACPS webpages you will see the following:



    Translation Services for ACPS Families

    ACPS offers translation services in the following languages:
    English (PDF) | Amharic (PDF) | Arabic (PDF) | Bengali (PDF) | Dari (PDF) | Farsi (PDF) | Krio (PDF) | Pashtu (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) | Tigrinya (PDF) | Twi (PDF) | Urdu (PDF)

    More than 50% of students in ACPS speak a language other than English at home. The most frequently spoken languages among ACPS students are Spanish, Amharic and Arabic.

    In order to support communication between schools, students and families, ACPS's language access services include:

    • telephone interpretation (through the Language Line)
    • face-to-face interpretation
    • written translation services

    For more details, visit the translation services page


    • Accessibility

      If you experience an issue accessing information in specific documents posted on our website, or require further assistance or explanation, please call the Office of Communications at 703-619-8003 or 1-888-862-8265, or email We will make any document accessible on request within 72 hours.