Proposed Phased Reentry Plans

  • Since the closing of our school buildings resulting from the Covid-19 Pandemic, Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) has continued to provide students and families with various educational opportunities. Our school division has provided students and families access to technology, instructional learning materials, educational resources, meals, and support services during the crisis. 

  • Our Enhanced Continuity of Learning Plan 1.0 addressed student and staff needs following the school buildings closing; Enhanced Continuity of Learning Plan 2.0 extended and redefined educational resources available to students, including both instructional packets, synchronous learning, asynchronous learning, and online lessons; Continuity of Learning Plan 3.0: Summer Learning through Engagement and Enrichment for All Plan addressed learning loss, engagement, and enrichment; and the Enhanced Continuity of Learning Plan 4.0: Reimagining Schools is aligned with global, national, federal, state, and local guidelines.

    The Virtual PLUS+ Phased Reentry Plan (5.0) ensures a safe and healthy learning environment for our students, staff, and families. This plan continues to ensure fidelity to Virtual PLUS+ while planning for a phased in approach for reopening schools and buildings. As we work to reopen, we will continue to seek feedback from our leaders, staff, students, families, and community as well as provide progress updates based upon data and feasibility factors. This 5.0 plan will start on November 5 and expand through the second semester.

  • Highlights of Virtual PLUS+ Phased Reentry Plan (Transition to Hybrid)

    At the center of the proposed phased-in plan is a commitment to safety, wellness, equity of experience, and ensuring successful outcomes. This plan continues to ensure fidelity to Virtual PLUS+ while planning for a phased-in approach for reopening school buildings.

    Contingent upon staffing and building capacity, the superintendent recommends that ACPS adopt a phased-in approach for in-person learning for students in grades Pre-K-12 beginning in November with our most vulnerable students. You can see the full Timeline of Phased Reentry Steps (PDF).

    In January 2021, this phased-in reentry will expand to include remaining students in grades PreK-5 who opt into in-person learning.

    In February 2021, this phased-in reentry will expand to include remaining students in grades PreK-12 who opt into in-person learning. Plans are being worked through for high school students.

    There will also be a fully virtual model for students who do not wish to return to the school building.

    The expanded plan includes details related to:

    • Adjustments to the Virtual PLUS+ Elementary School Schedule;
    • Health + Safety Measures;
    • Meal Service Plan;
    • Phased Reentry;
    • Procedures in the Event of a Positive COVID-19 Case; and 
    • Transportation of Students.

    Our transition plan ensures all students and staff are healthy, safe, and engaged during the reopening process, including following required health and sanitation mitigation procedures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    The phase-in transition plan will also ensure that students receive personalized academic support and interventions to address any learning losses resulting from school building closings.

    It is important to note that the health, safety, and well-being of students, staff, and families are critical in deciding whether to reopen school buildings for in-person learning.  Please be aware that we are still working through our staffing model, which takes into account that our staff members are facing some of the same challenges that many of our families are grappling with during this pandemic.

    This plan also designs an option that we know we can implement and not have to pull back from due to an outbreak of the virus as we head into flu season.

    Reentry planning has taken into account:

    • Building Capacity: classroom layouts; furniture; learning spaces; hallways and communal spaces;
    • Students: prioritized based on need; education; equity; family preference;
    • Staff Availability: Ability to return, personal health conditions; direct instruction; virtual roles;
    • Instructional Model: schedules; technology; pacing;
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) + Health/Safety Training: procurement; cleaning protocols; ability to monitor; health mitigations from the Alexandria Health Department; and
    • Transportation: Modified routes; bus capacity; driver support; monitors.

    ACPS will continue to review its plans as well as survey our families and staff every seven to nine weeks.


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  • Reentry Phase 1: Students With Disabilities



    Reentry Phase 2: Elementary School Students, Including English Learner Students Who Opt for In-Person Learning



    Reentry Phase 3: Middle School and High School Students, Including English Learner Students Who Opt for In-Person Learning



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