Planning for the Reopening of Schools: Learning Advisory Team

Learning Advisory Team
  • Our work as a 5.0 Learning Advisory Team has been anchored in 4 working groups: our Division Transition Team, our School Transition Team, our Virtual PLUS+ Learning Team, and our Virtual PLUS+ Partners. Each group plays a role in addressing our sprint focus questions:

    1. What adjustments can we make to the Virtual Plus+ learning model to better meet the needs of students and staff?

    2. Is it feasible to start in-person learning in Q2? 

    Description of 5.0 Working Groups (PDF)

Feedback Loop
  • Our Feedback Loop:

    An integral feature of the 5.0 Working Group design is the structures for feedback and responding to new information across teams. Throughout the week, each group builds in time to reflect on the relevant work that has happened in other groups, and use it to inform next steps and solutions.



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