Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

  • The PTA at Francis C. Hammond Middle School is dedicated to finding ways for parents, grandparents, and all caring adults to feel comfortable at Hammond and to connect with teachers, administrators and other Hammond parents. Membership in the Hammond PTA is $10.00 per year per person. The PTA is involved in numerous volunteer activities throughout the year both during and after school hours.

    Join the Hammond PTA

    Support the work that the Hammond PTA does for our students and our school.

    Volunteer with the PTA

    Interested in helping with an upcoming PTA program? Contact to volunteer with the PTA.

    PTA Meetings and Events


    PTA Officers

    • President: Ms. Fatima El-Boukhari
    • 6th Grade Vice Presidents: Ms. Sally Hunnicutt
    • 7th Grade Vice Presidents: Ms. Katy Matthews
    • 8th Grade Vice President: Ms. Melissa Bindocci
    • Secretary: Ms. Diana Carvajal
    • Treasurer: Mr. Eric Sokolove
    • Membership Chair: Mr. Steve Royster
    • Parent Diversity Chair(s): Ms. Salma Ahmad

    Contact the PTA

    Feel free to contact the Hammond PTA at and follow on Twitter @HammondPTA.