School Counseling

  • The mission of the ACPS school counseling program is to provide a comprehensive and developmental counseling program that addresses the academic, career, and social emotional development of all students. The school counseling program is an essential part of the total educational program. School counselors are advocates who provide support to maximize all students' potential and academic achievement. In partnership with educators, parents or guardians, and the community, school counselors establish a culture of high expectations where students are empowered to reach their potential while utilizing their unique abilities and interests.

    For further information on the counseling program, counseling materials, or procedures by which a parent may limit a student's participation in the counseling program, please contact the school counselor in your child's school.

    Elementary School Counselors:

    John Adams: 703-824-6970

    Charles Barrett: 703-824-6960

    Cora Kelly School for Math, Science, and Technology: 703-706-4400

    Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy: 703-706-4430

    Douglas MacArthur: 703-461-4190

    George Mason: 703-706-4470

    Matthew Maury: 703-706-4440

    Mount Vernon Community School: 703-706-4460

    James Polk: 703-461-4180

    William Ramsay: 703-824-6950

    Samuel Tucker: 703-933-6300

    Ferdinand T. Day: 703-619-8430

    K-8 School Counselor:

    Patrick Henry K-8 School: 703-461-4170

    Jefferson-Houston PreK-8 IB School: 703-706-4400

    Middle School Counselors:

    Francis C. Hammond: 703-461-4105

    George Washington: 703-706-4534

    High School/Alternative Program Counselors:

    T.C. Williams King Street: 703-824-6800

    T.C. Williams Minnie Howard: 703-824-6781

    T.C. Williams Satellite: 703-619-8400

    Chance for Change Academy: 703-888-1204

    Detention Center: 703-461-4081/4085

    Sheltercare: 703-370-0208