Department of Facilities and Operations

  • The ACPS Department of Facilities and Operations oversees everything to do with the school buildings. We manage modernization projects, brand new construction projects, maintenance, and cleaning. Additionally, we assist with student feeding and transporting while prioritizing the safety and security of ACPS.

    Our mission is to provide an optimal and equitable learning environment for all students.

    Facilities and Operations Return to School Guidance Plan:

    Facility and Operations Comprehensive Return to School Guide February 2021 (PDF)


    Office of School Nutrition Services



    Office of Safety and Security Services



    Office of Maintenance and Custodial Services



    Office of Educational Facilities



    Office of Pupil Transportation and Fleet Management

    Pupil Transportation


    Office of Capital Programs, Planning, and Design 





  • Our Focus for 2025

    In an effort to advance the 2025 Strategic Plan, the Department of Facilities and Operations is committed to:

    • working collaboratively, and engaging families in an effort to support the education delivered to students; 
    • developing specific practices and programs with school campuses and operations that encourage common goals around safety, security, cleanliness, care of Division facilities, and healthfulness;
    • ensuring that messaging about transportation, nutrition, facilities services, safety and security are accessible, translated, engaging, recognizable and updated;
    • instituting a regularly scheduled school/student training and reminders around areas of operational importance;
    • providing safe, modern and comfortable facilities and buses for all students and staff;
    • continuing to modernize school facilities at the elementary, middle and high school levels;  
    • addressing all action steps of the Division’s facility plan within audit-identified timelines; 
    • conducting an evaluation of school transportation with a focus on timeliness and safety of buses.