• Dear Senior Satellite Students,

    Please bring Chromebooks, chargers, Kajeets, and any textbooks to Satellite between 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM on Thursday, June 18, 2020. Students/families will pull into the front circle, where they will wait in your car until they are called forward to return items. Please maintain a 6 foot distance between individuals. Students will need to return Chromebooks, Chromebook chargers, and Kajeets (if applicable). Students will also need to bring any textbooks that were checked out from Satellite. If anyone is unsure what campus the books are from, please note that all Satellite textbooks have "OLP" in the front flap of the book. 

    If senior students have textbooks from the King Street or Minnie Howard campus, please bring those to the King Street campus between the hours of 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Thursday, June 18. 

    **This Chromebook drop off is for graduated seniors only! If you are a senior who is graduating in the summer, please hold on to your Chromebook!**

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Satellite Staff Collage
  • Dear Satellite students and families,

    Due to school building closures resulting from COVID-19, we have updated the grading specifics for online courses. Please view the one pager linked below for course specifics. 

    1. All students in online courses may continue working in their online courses during school
      building closures.

    2. Students will receive either the overall, relative, or actual grade for their 3rd quarter grade (whichever is higher). (See below grading definitions from the ACPS Online Learning Contract). Many students began online courses throughout 3rd quarter and this will provide them with the most equitable grade opportunity for 3rd quarter. Please note that online grades do not average the quarters, so the student’s final grade will still be input in Y1.

    3. Pretesting will be enabled for all online courses that began during second semester. This will allow students to take a pretest at the beginning of each unit. If students achieve a score of 80% or greater on the pretest, they will be moved forward in the course. Scores below 80% will require students to complete the unit. (Students will still be responsible for all material on the midterm exam embedded in each online course).
            I. Pretesting is not permitted in AP courses
           II. Pretesting is not permitted for NCAA students

    4. Once a student completes 60% of the online course(s), the student will be eligible to receive either the overall, relative, or actual grade as the final grade in the course, whichever is higher. This is in alignment with the P/NG for 4th quarter for face-to-face courses at the secondary
      level. All students will receive a final letter grade.

    Online Learning Grading Information for School Closures due to COVID-19. (PDF)

    Please contact Dr. Everson at the email or phone below with questions related to this information. 

    During these challenging times, we encourage students to continue working if they are able, and to communicate with their Satellite counselor or adviser regarding any challenges that they may face. Please take care of yourselves. We miss seeing all of you. 

    Be well,

    Dr. Izora Everson
    Director of Online Learning
    T.C. Wiliams Satellite Campus Principal
    Google Voice: 703-705-2482

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