T.C. Williams STEM Academy

dozens of students looking through telescopes
  • The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Academy is a small learning community that was developed to reach students who have a deep interest in STEM topics and who do not feel engaged or challenged by a traditional high school model. Our mission is to create a student-centered, inquiry-based environment that is both challenging and supportive so that our students are excited to come to school and can become successful life-long learners.

     The STEM Academy is a school-within-a-school. This program is an appropriate option for students who:

    • STEM Logo Learn best by doing, rather than by more traditional models
    • Benefit from Inquiry-based learning
    • Are inquisitive and likes taking things apart to see how they work
    • Are interested in math and/or science and/or engineering and/or technology such as computer graphics or animation
    • Demonstrate creativity and inquisitiveness 

    The Academy starts with a team of students and teachers who create a learning community that is a collaborative, caring environment. Both students and teachers are learners in a real-world, problem-solving, project-based environment. Students in the Academy will participate in a STEM Explorations course in which they will be immersed in the investigation of real-world engineering and technology problems and decisions affecting their local, state, national and global problems related to human sustainability.

    In addition, students will participate in core classes taught by a team of teachers and will focus on creating connections between the content areas and studied through the lens of STEM.