Dual Enrollment Program

students seated at graduation ceremony
  • Dual Enrollment is a program that allows high school students to earn college credit for courses they are taking in high school. The courses are taught by high school faculty who meet the credentials to each college-level courses. The teachers follow the college curriculum, use college approved textbooks, and with a mentor who is a full-time college faculty member, to ensure they are delivering a college-level course.

    In the spring of 2012, legislation (HB 1184) was passed that "Requires local school boards and community colleges to develop agreements allowing high school students to complete an associate's degree or a one-year Uniform Certificate of General Studies from a community college concurrent with a high school diploma."

    In addition, The Uniform Certificate of General Studies (HB 441); clarifies that credits earned in academic subject area coursework as part of the Uniform Certificate of General Studies shall be transferable to a four-year public institution of higher education. Students interested in attending private or colleges outside of Virginia should contact that college's admission's office regarding their dual enrollment policies.

    ACPS has been working with Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) to create both a one-year General Studies Certificate and identify possible Associate Degree programs students could pursue while in high school. The Certificate can be earned through a combination of Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses, however, at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the credits must be earned via dual enrollment.

    ACPS offers courses that apply to the General Studies Certificate as well as other elective dual enrolled courses. 

    Students interested in pursing an Associate Degree while in high school should work with their counselor and NOVA to identify appropriate courses. Information about specific degree programs can be found on NOVA's website.

     If you have any questions talk to your counselor, or Ms. Coffman, DE & Academy Coordinator (michele.coffman@acps.k12.va.us)

  • NOVA Dual Enrollment Process

    1. Student Must apply to NOVA online

    • Application Instructions: Students will receive their NOVA EMPL ID, user Name, and a temporary password once the application is accepted. Students have 24 hours to log into their NOVA account and re-set the temporary password to a permanent password. Take a picture of this information you will need it in the future.

     2. Create a Dual Enroll Account and select your classes.

    You will need the EMPL ID you received when you applied to NOVA in Step 1.

    Do not try to reguister for classes using the regular NOVA website. Dual Enrollment course are not open to all NOVA students.

    Please use these instructions for assistance.

    3. Complete any testing needed to place into the dual enrollment courses.

    Fpr the approved alternative assessments for general placement, expected course offerings, and test requirements see the See the Program of Studies