Alexandria City School Board

  • The Alexandria City School Board is a nine-member elected body that adopts policy for the daily operation of schools and sees that school laws are properly explained, enforced and observed. The City is divided into three voting districts, and three Board Members are elected from each district. Each member serves a three-year term.  The School Board Chair receives $17,000 and Board Members receive $15,000 per year.

    School Board Operating Procedures (pdf)

    Adopted March 22, 2018

    Mission Statement

    The Alexandria City School Board will ensure that ALL students reach their highest academic potential, and that they are prepared for citizenship, higher education and the workforce. To accomplish this goal, we will make policy, budget and leadership decisions that are aligned with our Vision and Strategic Plan; and we will communicate with and involve stakeholders actively and transparently.

    Speaking at Board Meetings

    Any citizen may address the Board at any regular meeting during "Communications and Addresses to the Board." A reasonable period of time, as determined by the School Board, will be allocated at each regular meeting for citizens to present matters of concern. Individuals will have three minutes and organizations will have five minutes.

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    Student Representatives to the School Board

    Applications are being accepted for the 2018-2019 Student Representatives to the School Board.

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    Alexandria City School Board
    1340 Braddock Place
    Alexandria, VA 22314

    Clerk of the Board - Jennifer Abbruzzese

    Deputy Clerk of the Board - Susan Neilson

    703-619-8316 or 703-619-8314

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