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    In an effort to support our community, The Office of Community Partnerships and Engagement has assembled resources related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. CLICK HERE   for a growing collection of resources designed to help provide stakeholders (families, organizations, community) with access to online resources that are now in critical demand.


    Please visit our July Parent Support webpage to gain information about how our Parent Liaisons can answer your questions, provide support and connect you to the requested information you are in need of.  

    There are currently no in-person, official volunteer opportunities being coordinated by ACPS. If you are interested in volunteering during the school closure, please contact Volunteer Alexandria, who is working with our community to identify essential services, including food distribution, in need of volunteers.
    Please know that you can continue to contact our office staff through email or by voicemail at their respective phone numbers. Their contact information can be found in our Office Directory by clicking here.




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