About G.W. Middle School

  • George Washington Middle School has a current enrollment of 1,530 students and serves students in grades 6-8.

    George Washington is located in the heart of Del Ray, a community that is more than a hundred years old within the City of Alexandria. The school is named after our nation’s first president, George Washington, and has a long history serving many well-known faces in the City of Alexandria.

    The school opened in 1935 as George Washington High School and remained a four-year high school until 1971 - five years after the city's first desegregated high school first opened. At that time both George Washington and Francis C. Hammond were designated to serve ninth and tenth graders, with eleventh and twelfth grades at T.C. Williams High School (now Alexandria City High School). In 1979, the secondary schools were again reorganized and George Washington became a junior high school, serving seventh, eighth, and ninth graders. George Washington became a middle school in 1993.

    George Washington Middle School is unique in that it draws from a population that is economically, racially, and ethnically diverse. As a cross-representation of American society, our diversity blends into a rich, heterogeneous student body. The student body is 34% Hispanic/Latino, 17% Black/African American, 42% White, 2% Asian, and 5% Multiracial, American Indian/Alaskan Native, or Unclassified.

    George Washington Middle School uses the team approach, which offers smaller, more connected learning communities, where students and staff get to know each other quicker, build stronger relationships and are better equipped to ensure student success. Each grade level has its own academic principal, dean of students, two school counselors and an administrative assistant who remain with students all three years of their middle school experience. There are four teams in each grade level with an average of about 130 students per team. Each team has four teachers — one for each of the core subject areas: English, math, social studies and science. School starts at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 3:15 p.m. Students have seven classes a day, each 47 minutes and an advisory that meets for 15 minutes.


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