Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS)

  • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a schoolwide multi-tiered approach to discipline that identifies specific behavioral expectations, teaches children how to apply them across a variety of school settings, and provides positive reinforcement when students are seen putting  the principals into practice. Here at James K. Polk, we also infuse the Habits of Mind (HOM), our exemplary program, focusing on one mindful skill each month. Our PBIS/HOM program improves social, emotional and academic outcomes for all students. 

    At James K Polk Elementary School, our core PBIS behavioral expectations are:

    • Be Safe           • Be Respectful          • Be Responsible           • Be Successful


    Our Habits of Mind are:


    •      Managing your Impulses
    •      Listening With Understanding & Empathy
    •      Persisting
    •      Thinking Flexibly
    •      Thinking About Your Thinking
    •      Striving for Accuracy
    •      Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations
    •      Questioning & Posing Problem
    •      Thinking and Communication with Clarity & Precision
    •      Gathering Data Through All Senses
    •      Finding Humor
    •      Remaining Open to Continuous Learning   
    •      Taking Responsible Risks
    •      Thinking Independently
    •      Responding With Wonderment and Awe
    •      Creating, Imagining and Innovating   


    These core values provide the foundation for our school-wide PBIS program. It is our belief that when applied consistently and with fidelity, these simple guidelines encourage student success, while inspiring lifelong learners and civic responsibility.