The Minnie Howard Experience: Making it Personal
  • Minnie Howard Experience The transition to high school is a big one. We’re working hard to ensure a smooth transition, create a more personalized experience and provide improved supports students need to succeed in school and in life.

    Minnie Howard Team Approach

    With the team approach, we offer smaller, more connected learning communities that are each led by an administrator, instructed by four teachers — one for each of the core subject areas: English, math, social studies, and science — and supported by one school counselor and a social worker. With about 120 students on each team, we’ve created smaller communities where students and staff get to know each other quicker, build stronger relationships, and are better equipped to ensure student success. 

    Student Supports

    Enhanced_Student_Supports The team approach enables us to better engage and meet the needs of the whole student with supports like:

    • A daily block (Freshman Seminar) focused on planning, organization, time management, and study skills. It's also a great time to get extra help or catch up.
    • A writing center where students can get extra support after school
    • Saturday School offering subject-specific and tutoring on Saturday mornings
    • A staff member dedicated to helping students get and stay on track
    • A school counselor and social worker on each team provide social and emotional support for a well-rounded experience.

    Academic Opportunities

    Advanced Academic Opportunities
    Choose your pathway and chart your course! T.C. offers a variety of highly regarded academic specialties and supports to help students explore educational and career pathways and gain key life and workplace skills for post-secondary pursuits.

    Career and Technical Education (CTE)

    Are you ready to get the knowledge and skill you need to enter the workforce after high school or head into a specific course of study in college?

    The CTE program offers a variety of options to apply academic knowledge and learn the technical skills needed for the workplace of tomorrow. With opportunities for industry credentialing and cooperative education options — where students can apply classroom knowledge in part-time or paid employment and receive graduation credit in some courses, students can leave high school college and career ready. Courses include business and information technology, family and consumer sciences, health and medical sciences, JROTC, marketing, technology education, trade and industrial education, and the new Governor’s Health Sciences Academy at T.C. Williams High School.

    Governor’s Health Sciences Academy at Alexandria City High School

    Interested in a career in the health or medical sciences? The Governor’s Health Sciences Academy at Alexandria City High School enables students to start a career pathway that can lead to associates and/or bachelor’s degree or career-related industry certifications, and earn up to 22 college credits along the way. Through this partnership between ACPS and the George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences, students who successfully complete the program gain guaranteed admissions to the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Students will leave T.C. ready for college or can head straight into the workforce in high-demand careers. 

    STEM Academy

    Are you a curious, hands-on person who likes to learn by doing? The STEM Academy is geared towards students with a deep interest in STEM topics and thrives in a student-centered, inquiry-based environment. Students can prepare for targeted careers by integrating aspects of academic coursework and technical education in preparation for technical careers.  

    Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

    The AVID program prepares students who are typically under-represented in four-year colleges, students in the academic middle and first-generation college-goers for college, and success in a global society. It offers an enhanced support system and activities designed to help students think critically, collaborate and set high expectations so that they are equipped to conquer the challenges that await them.  

    International Academy (IA)

    The IA at A.C.H.S. embraces the cultural diversity of our student body and addresses the unique needs of immigrant English learners as they accomplish the challenging task of graduating college-ready, while simultaneously learning English. Students who are in the IA in middle school easily transition into the IA at the King Street Campus.

    Student Activities and Athletics

    Abundant Activities and Students Students engaged in activities like band, orchestra, drama, intramural sports, and science can continue those pursuits during their high school experience.

    And, A.C.H.S. offers more than 95 after-school programs and clubs across the two campuses covering everything from art and broadcasting to filmmaking and fashion, to poetry and physics. If you don’t find a club that lines up with your interests, you can work with an A.C.H.S. staff member as a sponsor to start one.

    Minnie Howard opens a world of opportunities for students to engage in a wide range of athletics at the King Street campus, some as early as eighth grade! From baseball and basketball to competitive cheerleading, golf and tennis, to rugby and lacrosse, swim and dive, and wrestling, opportunities abound!