Patrick Henry Project

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  • ACPS is in the process of building a new Patrick Henry pre-K–8 school. The new school, which is being built alongside the old school so that students can stay in place during construction, will share the site with a new recreation center. Construction on the Patrick Henry Project began in spring 2017. The new school and recreation center are scheduled to open in 2019.

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    Project Description

    Student enrollment in ACPS is increasing by between 3 percent and 5 percent each year and is expected to continue to rise for the next ten years. The Patrick Henry project is needed to help address the capacity need.

    The existing Patrick Henry school building, located at 4643 Taney Avenue, was constructed in the early 1950s. The City constructed a gymnasium addition in 1973 that includes a full-time recreation center. Additionally, there are athletic fields on-site that are heavily used by both the school and the general community. The City is timing the replacement of the recreation center to coincide with the construction of the Patrick Henry capacity project. The shared nature of the site offers ACPS, the City of Alexandria, and the community-at-large a unique opportunity to design and build a project that meets the academic and recreational needs of the Patrick Henry community.

    The first stage of the new Patrick Henry process was working with the community in developing concepts and plans so that improvements can be made to the existing school facility, core spaces, and parking/transportation routes as well as constructing and integrating an additional facility as we add much-needed classrooms and related support space. The site will continue to be a shared public use site during and after construction.

Patrick Henry Project Timeline

Timeline of key events for the new Patrick Henry School, last updated 11/5/2018