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Online Course Grading Information

Students and families should view the ACPS Program of Studies for a list of online courses.

Grading in Online Courses

While online courses provide wonderful flexibility for students to complete their course work, it is important that students stay on pace to complete the course on time. Therefore, a student's quarterly grade (appearing on their quarterly report card) is derived from a formula that takes both their current grade on work completed and the progress they are making in the course into consideration. This calculation of both pace and performance provides for a more accurate depiction of a student's grade.

Quarter Grades

  • Online course quarter grades are reflective of both the current grade and the student’s pace in the online course. Although online learning does provide flexibility in pacing, students are expected to make continuous progress in their course(s). The goal of the ACPS-OLP is to provide that flexibility while creating and holding students to established benchmarks. If students are behind the benchmarks at the end of the quarter, quarter grades will reflect that variance.
  • Students will always have access to updated grades and are expected to meet regularly with their online learning mentor (learning coach at the Alexandria City High School Satellite Campus) and communicate with their online teacher(s) to discuss methods and best practices to remain on pace. While online courses do provide flexibility regarding when and where to work, consistent progress is expected.

Final Grades

  • When taking an online course, students earn grades quarterly, but these grades are overridden by the final grade (Y1) grade when the student completes the online course.
    • For example, due to being behind pace, Arya Stark’s grades in Eng. 12 are as follows: Q1: 68, Q2: 61, Q3: 71, Q4: 85. However, she completes the course with an 85% in the course. The 85 is awarded as her final grade (Y1). The quarter grades stand, but the grade of 85 is recorded for the final grade in the course. At the end of the school year, Y1 will be placed in historical grades and will be the only grade reflected on the student’s transcript.
  • Please note that quarter grades are used for academic eligibility, honor roll, and college and university admissions. Therefore, it is essential that students maintain consistent pace and progress in their online course(s). However, only the final grade appears on the transcript. Mid-year transcripts sent to colleges or universities will reflect the student’s current quarter or semester grades. Therefore, it is imperative that students remain on pace in their online course(s).
  • The Alexandria City High School Satellite Campus operates on a modified trimester schedule, but follows all ACPS grading windows. Satellite students receive quarter grades that are reflective of their pace and progress in their online course(s) at the time grades are due each quarter/semester.

Understanding Online Grades

Overall Grade—The grade the student has earned on the work they have completed thus far.

Relative Grade— The grade the student would receive in the course if they stopped working today. The relative grade is used if the student does not complete 100% of the course.

Actual Grade—The grade the student will receive when they complete 100% of the online course. (Relative and actual will sync up once a student has completed 100% of the course). The actual grade is used for all quarter grade calculations and for the final grade if the student fully completes the course.

Complete—How much of the course the student has completed to date.

Start Date—The date that the course is available to students to begin working.

Target Date—The date at which the course is expected to end.

Completion— How much of the course has been completed.

Target Completion— How close to the end date the student currently is.

Est. Time Remaining— How many hours are left in the course.

Daily Goal— How much time the student needs to spend working every day to meet their end date.