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Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

A problem-solving model designed to address the needs of all students which is intended as an early intervention to prevent long-term academic failure. It is a multi-step process of providing instruction and support to promote the academic and behavioral success of all students. An individual student’s progress is monitored regularly by the MTSS Team and results are used to make decisions about further instruction and intervention.

When addressing potential substance abuse, it is a tiered system of early identification, data-based decision making, and implementation of evidence-based practices of appropriate intensity and duration.

  • Universal prevention K-12 activities. (Tier 1: General Prevention)
    This tier includes substance abuse prevention campaigns, consultation, workshops, and implementation support of the Health & Physical Education (HPE) curriculum in alignment with the VDOE Standards of Learning for Alcohol and other drugs.
  • Selective Early Intervention activities. (Tier 2: Basic Educational Intervention)
    Selective Early Intervention Target Population: K-12 identified students. Supports students identified with mild risk factors, misuse, and abuse problems. This tier includes screenings and seminar-style educational sessions for students and parents. Brief individual or group educational intervention modules are also available.
  • Targeted Early Intervention activities. (Tier 3: Advanced Early Intervention)
    Target Population: K-12 identified students with severe risk factors, significant abuse, and severe alcohol and other drug use problem(s). This tier provides indicated and personalized support according to identified needs. It includes SA screening, assessment, targeted case management, and up to 10 prescribed educational modules for students based on the results of an ACPS substance abuse screening and assessment.

The Multi-Tiered System of Substance Use/Abuse Services

In consequence, ACPS developed a multitiered system of substance abuse early intervention services. In the following image, you can consult a menu of activities delivered at multiple levels. This is ongoing work on an annual basis; some activities are fixed and repeated each year, like the Red Ribbon Week; other activities are variable according to needs and funding opportunities.