A.C.H.S. Satellite Campus

  • Satellite Staff

    The A.C. Satellite Campus is designed to deliver a 21st century curriculum that is flexible in scheduling and student-centered in support. This opportunity prepares students to compete in the global marketplace, but with a down-to-earth approach that recognizes the challenges students may sometimes face in completing education.

    A.C. Satellite Campus Mission

    • The A.C. Satellite Campus is an exemplary learning community that provides high quality online curriculum through blended learning.
    • We educate students using online and traditional methods within a comprehensive support structure that includes individualized and small group instruction, technology, meaningful relationships, and engaged learning.
    • At Satellite, we challenge ourselves to provide a personalized methodology in order to promote confident and lifelong learning.

    A.C. Satellite Campus Highlights

    • The A.C. Satellite Campus allows students to select a school shift (AM or PM) that works best for their particular schedule. Many of our students require a more flexible schedule than commonly available in a traditional high school setting. However, there is a daily and weekly attendance expectation.
    • Each A.C. Satellite student is assigned an academic adviser who carefully monitors student progress.
    • A.C. Satellite students are able to participate in all extracurricular clubs and activities at A.C. Williams High School, including sports.

    Are you:

    • An athlete with a schedule that doesn't adhere to a traditional school day?
    • A student who prefers to learn in a smaller and quieter environment?
    • A student who works outside the school day to support your family and needs flexible school times?
    • A student who would like to graduate early?

    If so, please complete our interest form and we will be in touch!

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