Substance Abuse Prevention and Educational Intervention Service

Department of Students Services, Alternative Programs and Equity

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  • About Our Service

    The ACPS Substance Abuse (SA) Prevention and Educational Intervention Service was implemented in August 2017 by the Department of Student Services, Alternative Programs & Equity to respond to student needs around substance abuse. The Substance Abuse Prevention and Educational Intervention Service assists students with accessing their full potential by eliminating substance use, misuse and abuse.

    What We Do

    What services are offered by the Substance Abuse Service Office at ACPS? Seven core services describe the SA Prevention and Intervention services:


    SA Services: Multi-tiered System of Support Alignment

    The ACPS Substance Abuse Prevention and Educational Intervention Service aligns with the  Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework.  This is accomplished by approaching drug/substance related problems by matching educational interventions and services with student’s substance abuse level of need using a tiered approach for universal, selected and indicated support.

    The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) advises that Programs can differentiate in 3 types:

    • Universal prevention K-12 activities. (Tier 1 : General Prevention):

      This tier includes substance abuse prevention campaigns, consultation, workshops and implementation support of the Health & Physical Education (HPE) curriculum in alignment with the VDOE Standards of Learning for Alcohol and other drugs.

    • Selective Educational-Intervention activities. (Tier 2 : Basic Educational Intervention):

      Selective Educational Intervention Target Population: K-12 identified students. Supports students identified with mild risk factors, misuse and abuse problems. This tier includes screenings and seminar style educational sessions for students and parents.  Brief individual or group educational intervention modules are also available.

    • Targeted Educational-Intervention activities. (Tier 3: Advanced Educational Intervention):

      Target Population: K-12 identified students with severe risk factors, significant abuse and severe alcohol and other drugs use problem. This tier provides indicated and personalized support according to identified needs.  It includes, SA screening, assessmenttargeted case management, and up to 10 prescribed educational modules  for students based on the results of an ACPS substance abuse screening and assessment.

    Fredy L. Martinez MS, SCAC.
    K-12 Substance Abuse Prevention & 
    Intervention Services Coordinator 
    Alternative Programs & Equity 
    Department of Student Services 

    Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) 
    Central Office 1340 Braddock Place 
    Alexandria, VA 22314 

    703-619-8278 x1237