Swing Space at Patrick Henry for Douglas MacArthur Modernization

Kids doing class work
  • ACPS will be using the old Patrick Henry school building as a swing space during the modernization of Douglas MacArthur Elementary School, as approved by the school board on April 4, 2019.

    • ACPS commits to work with the City of Alexandria to further examine the plan's impact on traffic and student drop-off, and to make needed adjustments to alleviate traffic concerns.
    • ACPS commits to work with the City of Alexandria to further examine the plan’s impact on parking, and to identify, in advance of the Douglas MacArthur move-in, both on-site and off-site options that will ensure adequate parking for school staff and parents of both schools, and members of the community.
    • ACPS commits to demolish the old Patrick Henry school upon completion of the new Douglas MacArthur Elementary School.
    • ACPS commits to immediately explore the feasibility of renovating/replacing George Mason Elementary School and Cora Kelly School for Math, Science and Technology while the existing school sites remain in operation, and to identify alternative (non-Patrick Henry) swing space options for those sites in the event swing space is needed.
    • ACPS commits to working with the City of Alexandria, including its Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities (RPCA), to identify possibilities for enhancement of neighborhood open spaces and playgrounds that could be used by students and community members.

    What’s next?

    ACPS is in the process of working out the specific details. Operational plans will include parking, traffic flow, safety issues, playground upgrades and completion, and upgrades needed to the Patrick Henry building to ensure it is in good condition by the time Douglas MacArthur students arrive there to begin the 2020-21 school year. Information will be shared as it becomes available.

    Early Fall 2019: ACPS will present the specifics of the plan to the Planning Commission and City Council to ensure our plan complies with the City’s requirements for temporary occupancy.

Swing Space Timeline
  • Community involvement:

    ACPS will be reaching out to the Patrick Henry community and Douglas MacArthur community to find ways to bring the two communities together to find solutions to issues that may arise during this process.

    A new Douglas MacArthur Advisory Group will also be formed to give input into the design of the new Douglas MacArthur facility, which is the standard ACPS process for engagement for any new construction.

    We will be communicating regularly with both the Douglas MacArthur and Patrick Henry communities around these projects. To stay informed, please sign up for email updates.